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The Unexpected Guest

John, Michigan, USA
March 1999

Iam telling you this story from my past experience. When I was in 5th grade, I had a best friend, his name was Joseph. Joey and I were soul mates. We did everything together. We were always over at each others houses. We were inseparable.

One Saturday night when he was sleeping over I was fast asleep and Joseph was in another room sleeping. It was about 12.30 midnight and I was sound asleep when I was awoken. I was awoken by laughter, and much talking. I suddenly got a chill down my spine. I uncovered myself, and as silently as I was I creeped on the floor, to my bedroom door archway. I stuck my head out so barely no one could notice. I looked across the hallway, in the guest room where Joey was sleeping. The room wasn't lit, but the window was wide open, the winds shot through the whole house. I looked closely. I noticed a very tall man, dressed from the Victorian Era, with a top hat on. He had a walking stick, and a short cape which cut off around mid back. This site scared me, I knew right from the get go, that it could be a robber. I grabbed my baseball bat and stood as still as a stone in my door archway. The man and my friend were talking. Like they were friends and knew each other. They laughed, and laughed. The laughing was terrible, it scared me very much. I could not make out a word they were saying. I kept staring, and heard the tall man utter out the words, " Look at me, dear son, Look into my eyes!" The words sent chills down my spine as he kept repeating it and repeating it. The words started to get louder, they echoed in my head, and in my brain. I thought I was going insane, falling to the floor, I screamed at the top of my lungs, I covered my ears, and screamed, I looked up at the man, he stood in my doorway, he growled, and banged on a wall, my friend yelled, "LEAVE!" From that instance the man was gone.

I sat on the floor for the rest of night, feeling very uneasy. I felt insane. My parents came to aid me, but I dare not did whisper a word about what just occured. Instead I told them the most famous line, "I had a bad dream". The next morning, I sat on my floor sleeping with my head leaned against my dresser. I remembered about what happened last night. I was still so shocked from it and so I went downstairs for breakfast. I looked at Joseph sitting at the other end of the dinner table eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. I snarled and sat down.

Later that day, I was invited to spend the night at his house, I accepted because the next day we did not have school. About two hours later, I packed my clothes and some video games to go. I kissed my parents goodbye, and headed off. As I arrived in his house, his parents greeted me, and his dog barked his brains out. We went up to his room and watched TV and played video games for the remaining time of my stay.

Later at night when I was sleeping in his room, he sat up in his bed. I watched with one eye open. He smiled. I suddenly drifted back to sleep, when I was awoken a few minutes later by a tapping, or should I say banging on the window. A shadow of a man stood on the window sill of this two story house. I didn't want to believe what I was seeing but it was happening. I closed my eyes and wished it all away. I opened them again, seeing the same man that was in my guest room standing on the window sill. I closed my eyes again pretending to be asleep. I was so scared I almost stopped breathing. My heart was pounding at a mad pace. I felt like this was all a dream, but it definitely wasn't. The window burst open, and I heard faint words utter out from the mans evil voice. " The time has come, the date is right, its time to come and fly away with me, as you promised my dear son Laureatte" I wondered in my head, Laureatte? Suddenly the windows shut and I felt a slight jerk. I opened my eyes and saw Joseph in my face. John, you have to go home, I can't tell you why, but you must call you parents and go home. I got up and uncovered myself, packed my belongings and called my folks. I went downstairs and waited by the very large window overlooking the road. The lights were shut off all in the house. I heard a very large bang in Joseph's room, and I leaned my head back. The little fool thought I actually believed him, only I knew the truth on what happened. I heard terrible laughter outside and it suddenly faded away.

I saw headlights shining. My parents were here. I sighed in relief, I got into the car, and I never told my parents about my experience on what happened. The strange thing is, I never ever saw Joseph or his family ever again, I never saw the strange man again either, and I never figured out who he was. I found this experience quite strange. Until one night when I was laying in my bed about to fall asleep. I heard my name being whispered lightly, oh so gently. Words shuttered out "I am in a safe place now, don't worry dear friend, I'll see you in a better place". The words whispered from no where. I suddenly felt calm after I heard those words. I felt calm about what happened to Joseph and his family, and the man.

About a year ago, I decided to do some research on this person. Laureatte Lyntheis. Originally the name Joseph Lyntheis. I found a lot of information on this "man" or "boy". I read, that when he was ten he ran away from his home in Germany. After several years his father never found him. I suspect now that my dear friend is in a better place with his "father". I do hope someday we meet again, Joseph wherever you are, Peace and Love bro, I'll be seeing you around.

John, Michigan, USA
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