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The Unexplained Car Ride

Pamela Parsons, MI, USA
January 2002

This story didn't happen to me but to my Parents when they were just teenagers.

They were going out and they had just left my Grandmother's house. My grandmother lives in they country just out side of town and at the time there weren't very many houses on her road.

When my parents were about a quarter mile down the road where there were no houses they saw a car behind them. My dad being the kind of person he is, doesn't like cars behind him at night, so he sped up, but when he did so did the car behind them. Then when he slowed down it slowed down. Well at the end of the road it T's so you have ot turn left or right. My dad was going really fast but slowed down in time to turn left at the corner, and when he looked back the car didn't turn, it went straight off the road. They turned back to go see if anybody was hurt. But when they got there there was no car and no sign of were the car went off the road.

This really scared my mom so they got back in they car and left to go back to my grandmother's house but went the back way, which is a dirt road with a couple of hills. When they were about half way down the road their car turned off and started to come to a stop, then as suddenly as it shut off it started again but they were back in the same spot where it shut off.

The clock on the radio showed that they had only been gone for about ten minutes or so but when they got finally got back to my grandmother's house they had actually been gone for about forty-five minutes, which means somewhere along the way they last about thirty-five minutes of their lives.

Pamela Parsons, MI, USA
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