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The Unexplained Flying Objects

Chris, PA, USA
January 2002

My name is Chris I am fourteen years old and in a Macungie trailer park.
I would like to tell you about three wierd experiences that I have encountered while living here.

The first one begins at my house:

My brother and I stayed home from school because we both didn't feel well. My mom was sleeping because she works night shift. I was about twelve and my brother was about thirteen when this happened. He and I were playing with action figures, when out of nowhere a stuffed animal of mine flew across the room in front of our very own eyes and slammed in the corner. My brother and I just stared at each other in shock and fear. Then we both quickly sprinted to the living room.

This next story also takes place in my room:

I was trying to sleep, but couldn't for some reason. I was just staring at the roof. All of the sudden a very small unidentified object flew to the ceiling, raced across the roof about three times, hitting each corner hard and then it finally hit the floor. I gazed at the roof for what seemed like hours and then ran into the living room once again and slept there.

final experience takes place in the living room. It was about one year later and I was sleeping in the living room (I could never sleep in my room after those incidents). I was watching cartoons. It was probably around 1 o'clock in the morning so I decided to go to bed (refering to the couch). I had the remote next to me so I went to grab it but it wasn't there. So I was looking around the room for it when Bam! It landed right next to me right out of the sky (it seemed odd because there was nothing that could have been holding the remote). Once again I froze, staring at the remote, remembering the other incidents and thinking whoever this ghost was, it loved to scare the crap out of me (and he did a great job too).

Well that's it thanks for reading my stories.

Chris, PA, USA
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