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The Unexplained Ghosts

Jennifer Rafac, IL, USA
August 2004

I've lived in my house since I was six years old, and from the first time I came to the house I always felt there was something not human living here. Several paranormal things have happened here, even before I lived here.

Our ghosts do not seem to like new technology. If we leave the room with the TV on the channel will be changed, especially if it's sports, or the volume will go up to maximum and then down to mute with in seconds. Also, our computer will turn on and off seemingly randomly.

One summer night my younger sister and I were up late talking. We were in our living room where the computer is. Nobody else was up, and we would have seen them come in the room if they went to the computer. All of a sudden there was this loud bong noise that we both associated with computer. We both looked at the computer to see that both the monitor and the actual computer had turned on without anyone touching it.

When I was about seven or eight I was in my bedroom alone. It was late and I was supposed to be asleep, but I couldn't go to sleep. I had most of the lights turned off, and my door was shut. I was lying in the middle of my bed when a greyish man walked in my closed door, and around the foot of my bed. Then he walked up one side of my bed, and when he got to my bed stand he started to disappear like he was going down a flight of stairs.

My older sister no longer lives with us, but when she was a teenager she was into seances and Ouija boards. One of her friends bought one for her for her birthday. She used it a couple times, and I'll never know what happened while she was using it, but she decided to burn it. Most of thought she did, but when she moved out I found it under her bed. For a while none of my family really went into that bedroom except to store stuff in there like Christmas decorations, but about a year after she moved out we decided to turn her bedroom into an offices. When we moved the bed out the Ouija board was no longer there.

Two years ago I was on the telephone with my grandmother, who I was very close to. I was alone in the kitchen at the time. When all of a sudden it felt like some one was pulling on the phone cord, and the phone flew out of my hand and across the room. I ran to the phone apologized for dropping the phone thinking it slipped out of my hand. I didn't think anything else of it until two weeks later when my grandmother died of an unknown heart condition.

About a year ago I was home alone. I was sitting at the computer. Nothing else that could have made noise was on. This is when I heard a noise coming from the basement. At first I couldn't tell what it was, but then I realized that it was a woman humming. I didn't recognize the song, but thought it was my mother doing the laundry. That's when I remembered that my mom had left for work half an hour before.

The most resent encounter with our ghosts was in February. I was in my bedroom in my bed reading a book when I heard a loud gun shot followed by footsteps going around my bedroom. My younger sister was in her room across the hall and heard the gun shot followed by footstep going out of my bedroom, and into the kitchen then going back into my bedroom. After the footstep stopped I put my book down, and was going to try and go to sleep when I heard the sound of someone scratching the wall right above my head. While I was hearing the scratching my sister heard another gun shot go off in her room followed by footsteps going all around her bedroom.

The weirdest thing about my house is that it is a relatively new house. It only had one previous owner, and he had the house built. No one died in the house during the building, or while the other owner lived in the house. No one can figure out where our ghosts come from, but they're here and they seem to be staying.

Jennifer Rafac, IL, USA
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