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The Unexplained Shadow

February 2002

This horrifying event took place in July of 1998. My best friend and I decided to spend the night at my house, and sleep in my bed facing the window. The lights were off and we were all alone in the bedroom when suddenly a strange light from outside began glowing by my window. Then a faint image of lines fell upon the curtain and were followed by the shadow of a small pig or goat. What we saw next made our hearts leap half way out of our chest.We saw a enormous shadow of something we could not identify. It was not a person or an animal, we weren't quite sure what it was. All we knew was that it was large, un human, hunched down as if it were eating something out of its large paws or hands, and that it was holding a sickle like object. We screamed and ran into my parents bedroom knowing that we weren't just seeing things because we both saw the same thing at the same time and both reacted the same way.

Well as soon as we got in there, we woke them up and screamed, "Did you see that light and that thing what was it?!" Then my parents replied "We didn't see anything just go back to sleep." With fear in our hearts we went back into the room to find that there was no longer a light and that what ever it was we saw had vanished.

Two years later when my friend and I were "reunited" we were walking in the desert. My friend was joking around and she decided to take a piece of wood and pretend she was going to find the shadow that we saw and supposedly kill it with a piece of wood. When she picked it up, it was a sickle; we are not quite sure if it was the same sickle that we saw the shadow was holding but the resemblance was uncanny.

To this day the image of that shadow haunts us, we have looked up everything about the shadow and thats how we discovered castle of spirits hoping that we could figure out what it was that we saw that night.

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