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The Uninvited Party Guest

Amy Louise, Bermuda
October 2006

During my 15 years, I have had many encounters with supernatural beings. I have had shared experiences. One of which I am about to share with you.

On my best friends birthday, this year (2006) we decided that to celebrate her 16th? we would arrange a party. Because Halloween is nearly upon us, we decided to have a spooky themed party. We hired an old hall, next to a run down church, just out of town from where I live. Now, in the past, me and another friend have had bad experiences with "someone" or "something" whilst waiting for our friends. In this case, it was the presence of a tall man, so my friend says. I did not see it however, I could feel an eerie presence there. Buttons (my friend who was with me at the time) said, the man looked sad, but also kind of menacing. Whilst seeing him, buttons noticed that the figure had a mangled hand.

Getting back to the party, though!

The Hall we had hired was used for a funeral a few days before, for an old rich and powerful man. Where I live, he was well known for his private sanctuary for small, endangered animals, and held a collection of endangered frogs and other endangered reptiles. He was a weird man. He came out of his house only once a week and in this time, he visited the pens and enclosures that he kept the reptiles in. He was a very strait forward, well spoken man of supposedly great taste and expensive dress sense. He was a stocky, well built man, the typical looking posh man, with grey hair and a moustache. His eyes were most peculiar, for he had one glass eye and a monocle to help see out of the other.

About a week before he died, a photograph appeared in the local paper and he was wearing a long dark jacket, dark trousers and a top hat. They were the clothes he was buried in, along with his top hat and monocle.

We spent all day in the hall setting up the spooky decorations. The party began at 7 o'clock pm that night. Everyone arrived and the costumes were great! The party was good too! We had been drinking before the party began so we were all hyper and merry! I decided that we should play a game or do something fun so I quickly ran home to get some things to really get the party going! I came back with random things. Pogo sticks, hula hoops, blindfolds and other things. The game was to be blindfolded on a pogo stick and try to stay in the hula hoop that had been placed on the floor!

We got Charlotte to go first, seeing as it was her birthday. Half way through the fun and games, the laughter dimmed and all went quiet. The only thing we could hear was Charlotte bouncing and calling out to us all, asking where we had gone to. We had taken our gaze off of her, and was now focusing on something behind her. We could all see it. A man was advancing on our friend, but something was not right about him. He was kind of transparent, and solemn looking.

We couldn't differentiate the colours he was, or the colours he was wearing, he was just there, white and grey and almost see through. Charlotte had now stopped and was about to take off her blindfold. The lights had begin to flicker and it seemed like someone was flicking the switch on and off over and over again. Buttons had began to shout at it and tried to tell it to go away. It turned around and Cara had started to scream. It had no eye, and the space where the eye had been was a expanded empty hole. It raised its arm as if about to hit Charlotte and that's when she took off her blindfold. She saw him and turned almost as white as he was. We watched him, and he began to turn away towards us. He stopped and looked as if he was studying us. He raised his arm again, and brought a hat to his head?.. a top hat. He placed a monocle over his eye, nodded, and faded before us.

That is just one of my stories. Since then my boyfriend, myself and buttons have all had other supernatural encounters but none of them as weird and scary as the night of the party.

Amy Louise, Bermuda
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