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The Unknown Woman

Nagina, Scotland, UK
February 2006

This story has been told by my brave granddad that is no longer with us. This is story is quite fascinating and I have always believed in ghosts. My granddad was a very brave man when he was alive. Whenever I went to Pakistan (every 2 years for 4 months) to stay with him he would tell me different things that has happened to him on the streets at midnight.

The weather was really, really hot once and my granddad and two uncles had there beds outside the house and they were fast asleep. My granddad had his arm resting on his forehead until this woman tapped him on his arm. He described her as very, very beautiful, long black hair with lots of solid gold jewelry hanging from her neck. She asked him which way is the quickest to the river. My granddad, half awake, got up and pointed down the way saying it was straight ahead. Then he asked her 'sister, what are you doing at this time anyway?' (Because girls are not aloud out that late at night for religious reasons). She never replied but walked towards where granddad had pointed. He woke my uncle up saying he had seen a ghost but my uncle wasn't really surprised?

Then, suddenly, my granddad rubbed his eyes to be sure that he was seeing what he WAS seeing. He seen that as the woman walked down the street, she had the same head, face and gold jewelry behind her as well and her feet were back to front...

My granddad was kind of shocked considering he has seen more of this sort, (if that was me then I would have hit the floor. We all believed it was some sort of a ghost that had changed its appearance. I strongly believe in ghosts. I will leave it up to you to decide what you think.

Nagina, Scotland, UK
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