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The Unseen Child

Texas, USA
March 2000

It all started in a small town in Northeast Texas. My house was fairly new, built in the early 80's. I lived in this house with my mom and dad and at one time with four older brothers.

My story starts with my brother Todd, he was the forth brother. He would always tell me of experiences he had with a little ghost like boy. On one occasion, he recalls to have fallen asleep on the living room couch. This is where the first encounter happened. As he lay asleep he could feel something brush against his feet, when he woke he saw a little boy (with a transparent glow) running through the living room to the hall, he recalls that the little boy was smiling and in a play like manner, touching his feet and toes. Todd said the little fingers we're cold as ice. Finally scared and having enough of this ghostly child, he yelled "hey you!", After the yell, the little boy stopped really quickly and with his back to Todd, the little boy turned and looked back at him with a devilish grin, this is when Todd started yelling for my dad, but the apparition did not go away until my parents bedroom door was opened and my dad came running. Todd told my dad of what had just happened. Being a very strong and conservative business man, my dad thought he was just dreaming.

After Todd told me of the ghost, which I believed, I too felt weird things going on in the house. TV coming on in the middle of the night, keys missing and doors opening and slamming. Although we've since moved, I believe the little boy still runs through the house playing and laughing!!

Texas, USA
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