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The Unseen Entity

Justin E Cusack, Oklahoma, USA
February 1998

It all started when we moved into the house in Delaware in 1990. I was 11 then, skeptical, didn't believe in anything "supernatural". Things really didn't start until much later, in 1993, my freshman year of high school. On a cold December night, my mom came home late from work. At about 12:00am or so, she was screaming at me to get up immediately. Being in a daze, I thought it was the next morning and we were running late for school. Anyways I realized it was midnight and she grabbed me by the hand and led me downstairs to the lamp that was lit. On the lamp shade, there was blood splattered all over it. She thought I had done it, but I had no clue as to where the stuff came from. We said a few choice words at each other, and I stormed up the stairs and slammed the door to my room. Ever since then I thought that maybe someone or something was there.

Things remained quiet until that summer when things really took off. I was hearing footsteps running across the upstairs hall when nobody but me was home. Doors would slam, things would get misplaced and reappear in very odd places. I remember I found a missing fork magneted onto the refridgerator. Things would go flying across the room. There was one episode during the summer of 1994 where there were knives flying all over the place. I was almost killed. The knives embedded themselves in the walls and the linoleum floor in the kitchen.

Being a devout Catholic, I assumed that maybe this "entity" was of an evil nature. It would torment me, attack me when nobody but me was home. I carried a crucifix every time I entered that house. I thought I was losing my mind. Some people in high school found out about it, and thought I was absolutely crazy. Then one April night in 1995, my mother was awakened by strange voices coming out of my room. Horrific screaming, thrashing, bashing, noises. She was scared. And I woke up the next morning to find my room completely trashed. I had to tell my mother what was going on. She was skeptical at first, but her skepticism melted away soon after. A couple of days later, she saw me coming out of my room raving like a lunatic. The voice coming out of my mouth was not my own. I went down the stairs to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of Raid and went back up to my room, when I suddenly realized what I was doing. I had no recollection of anything before that moment, not of speaking in that strange voice, or anything. My mother wanted to know what on earth was going on. I just had a blank look on my face because I didn't know. My moods were changing. I was becoming a hateful person, always paranoid, always snapping at people. Soon I would no longer have my friends anymore. They all ditched me, told me to "Go to hell" and the like. I didn't know what to do. I went to a Catholic high school, and I had to talk to a priest about this.

I talked to my chaplain for two hours on the subject, trying to get him to help me. He did not believe a word I was saying. I was literally losing my mind, hearing voices, moaning, growling, and my name being called at all hours of the night. My mind was being controlled by this evil thing, and evil spirit that I could not see. I tried to fight him off, but he just kept getting stronger and stronger, till I just couldn't take it anymore. I was being attacked physically. I was scratched all over my body, some of them deep enough to bleed. My room was always deathly cold, and I was scared. I went out screaming one night in the streets it was so bad. I was alone in this battle, nobody would come to help me. I was tormented in my sleep, dreams of the most unthinkable things, of death and destruction. One night, my mom and I had the same exact dream at the same time. It was so weird. I honestly thought I was never going to see my graduation day, I thought I would be dead by then. I wanted to commit suicide so badly, but I think God had other plans for me. I realized that I needed to be stronger in my faith, maybe that was the answer. I did see it once, it appeared like a black cloth or shadow moving across the living room wall. It was in the dead of summer, heat was unbearable, but the room took on a deathly chill, and I was shivering under my covers. That was the only time I had seen the Unseen Entity, or more commonly referred to by me as The Evil that Lurks beyond the Shadows.I kept a journal of all the events that transpired. I then turned it into a book, and began typing my manuscript like mad during the summer of 1996. By then my mind was completely gone. I had no explanation as to why all of this was happening to me. WHY??? Most of the events took place at night, why I don't know. But there were so many things that happened in that Delaware house that we still live in today.

After I finished typing my manuscript, things quieted down somewhat. But the scars remain. I am 18 now, and getting very close to publishing my book. I have an agent now, so things are looking good. I am now 2000 miles away from Delaware in the University of Oklahoma studying to become a meteorologist (not a parapsychologist as many people wonder). Things occasionally happen out here in Oklahoma, no where near the intensity as before. Many people listen to my ghost stories but think I am a lunatic or something. But hey, once my book gets published, I know I'll finally beat this thing. Pray that nothing like this happens to you....

Justin E Cusack, Oklahoma, USA
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