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The Unseen Guest

Dr. Larry L. Robertson, Florida, USA
April 1998

Allow me first to say that I was not taught to believe in ghosts. I am a minister and a psychologist as well, which might make me seem the biggest of fools for what I am about to relate.

The home in which I currently reside was owned for over twenty eight years by the most perfect little old lady that everyone would want as a grandmother. She was well known and well liked by everyone in our neighborhood, she passed away after a long illness and I was able to buy the house at a good price because it needed some work. Almost immediately on my moving in female guests began telling me that an unseen hand had pulled or stroked their hair each time they were left alone in the living room, I simply dismissed these complaints as a fertile imagination although it seemed strange even to me that more than 7 women had made the exact same scared complaint. My grown sons also said they could not stand being left alone in the house and that was not easy for me as they were both former paratroopers and had seen bloody battle. Things came to a head one Sunday when we were having a cookout in the yard and my 5 year old granddaughter went in to use the bathroom. When she came back out she asked me plainly without expression who the old lady was that had brushed her hair while she was inside, my blood froze in my veins! Never after that time have I allowed anyone in the house alone again and to this day I have yet to see anything unusual. If there is some part of that fine old soul that has in fact remained behind I pray that it is because she wants to and not because she must. And at any rate I firmly believe that if there is a GHOST it has remained to look after the place and people she so loved in life.

Dr. Larry L. Robertson, Florida, USA
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