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The Visitor (2)

September 2001

I had a rather unnerving experience many years ago that will never leave me. Some people I've told this story to believe I was dreaming. I know I wasn't.

This took place in Wales, Great Britain.

My new husband and I were stationed there with the US Navy. We had just moved to our new apartment out in town. After coming home around midnight (we worked shifts and that night was an evening shift), my husband decided he wanted to stay up and do some reading. I was a bit tired so I went to bed. I left the door to the bedroom open. I could see the light from the next room where my husband was reading. I know I had not fallen asleep yet.

As I looked toward the bedroom door, I saw what appeared to be the figure of a tall man walk in. I thought it was my husband. I began talking to him but he didn't answer. Instead, this figure 'walked' to my side of the bed and leaned over me. I never saw a face.

Suddenly, I felt what I can only describe as a jolt of electricity running through my body. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't talk. I couldn't move. I shut my eyes tight. That was all I could do. What happened next, well, I just know I wasn't dreaming!

I felt my body rise above the bed and slowly turn 360 degrees. Then, I was set back down gently. No sooner had I reached the bed then my husband walked in. I know it was him this time. He was talking to me but I was too scared to answer him. He touched my foot but I would not move. I laid there stiff and scared. He thought I was sleeping. I wasn't!

This was the first but not the last experience I've had. For a few years after, the incidences had gotten worse. Luckily, they seem to have stopped. I certainly hope so. The last time I was outright attacked.

I know I'm not crazy. I know I wasn't dreaming. I know it happened!

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