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Ryan Bruhl, Dublin, Ireland
February 2007

The front room in my family home has a light switch that, when you turn it, the lights dim. I was using a Ouija board with one of my best friends, Lara and the same thing happened to us. We were having a great laugh, until the door closed itself and our other friend freaked out and refused to play. So we continued playing anyway. We also had the TV on but muted, and at the same time that the lights dimmed, the television switched itself off. And by "off" I don't mean standby, it literally switched the switch off, which was only possible if you pushed it in quite far. Since then a few odd things have happened around the house.
We've all heard footsteps when we were home alone, and both my mom and I have been in the kitchen alone, watching TV and having a glass of wine a few times (usually during Desperate Housewives, lol) and clearly heard the front door open and then slam shut. This is the most unusual since my parent's front door has a latch that you must first pull out and then down and hold it that way in order to open the door at all, and since it's quite a heavy solid oak door, there's a deal of weight to it. Anyway, we've been in the kitchen several times and had this happen, obviously resulting in us searching the entire house only to find ourselves still alone in the house... Dad just gives me a slagging over it, saying young men shouldn't be scared but then again, as my mom put it, he's never experienced anything himself.

Most recently though, they were getting the upstairs hallway redecorated about a month ago, and a cousin of my mom's was doing it for them. I had just gotten off a train in my hometown to meet a friend for lunch, and swung by the family home to drop my bag off and change or whatever. I was in the kitchen, with the dog, having a quick coffee and counting down the time. I hadn't bothered to say hi to our cousin since I don't particularly like him much, but he was upstairs anyway pottering around and I heard him fiddling with the ladder and I hoped against hope he hadn't heard me creep in.
I was sitting at the table flipping through a magazine and I could hear him walking around, since our house is extremely old and you can hear everyone's footsteps from upstairs. But above our kitchen is my parent's room, and I was a little confused but figured he must be redecorating that too, since I could hear him loud and clear pacing back and forth. I had the kitchen door open and he had the bedroom door open, since I could hear him whistling away. I went half way up the stairs and paused and called out to him, asking if he wanted coffee. I climbed up the rest of the stairs and almost tripped over the ladder on my way into my parent's room, only to find it empty. I checked the whole floor and found myself alone. I thought perhaps I'd missed him and he went downstairs without me seeing him somehow, but after hearing the dog barking downstairs, I went down, and Roxie was quite agitated and scratching at the door to the front room. I searched downstairs this time, and I was completely alone. This one I have no explanation for at all, except that clearly the Ouija board let something through that seems to have stayed with us. Needless to say, I put Roxie in the backyard and left the house as fast as possible!

I'm currently living in an upscale apartment complex in Dublin's city centre with my boyfriend, and although I hate to admit it, we've been having our doors open and shut themselves in front of us. Chairs and things move around at night a lot and I just hope whatever spirit was in my parent's house that day didn't follow me home!

Ryan Bruhl, Dublin, Ireland
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