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The Voice (1)

Maryland, USA
October 1998

My story is a little different from the rest. I'm a fourteen year old girl with what I like to call: "a gifted friend". I have only talked about my experiences with my close friends. But now I'm going to share them with you. All my life I've known there was something special about my "friend". I'm not crazy or anything, I've never had a typical child's imaginary friend. But anyway, here's my story.

When I was little, I knew things before other people would. Nothing like psychic ability, but more like, someone...or something would speak to me. I knew things ahead of time...usually important things. I believe that I "met my friend" through my great aunt. She always knew when my grandfather was back in the hospital, or when I had gotten in another fight at school, or sometimes far greater what was on my mind. She told me that she had dreams. And she would "see" things happening, and knew they were true. I, on the other hand, hear a voice, a voice like a harsh whisper. I've learned not to be afraid of it. It has never hurt me, or said anything that intended to hurt me, or told me to harm another living creature. Its just always been helpful.

One experience with the voice, I'll never forget. But before I go into it, here's some background for you. I woke up one morning to the telephone. It was my friend, Kat, calling with some disturbing news. As soon as I picked up the phone, she said to me, "You'll never believe what just happened!" Right away, I heard the voice. A not-so-good friend of mine, Guss, was in a bad car accident, and was rushed to Shock Trauma. I told Kat what I knew had happened, and she was completely shocked. It hadn't been on the news, yet, and none of my other friends were home that week. My dad had been taken to the hospital the night before, suffering a bad heart attack. There was no way I could have known without the voice. At the exact same time 8:42 am, my great aunt called my grandfather, and said to him, "I thought you were in the hospital! I had another dream last night, but something was different this time. It didn't seem like it was you...what's happened?" It was then my grandfather told her about my father, and immediately she called me. Stranger still, I knew she would call ten minutes before hand.

Last night I heard the voice again. But the message was really creepy. It just said, "Go to the window." I looked out my window, just in time to see my neighbor on his sidewalk, fall down, dead. He suffered a severe stroke, and died. This is the first time I've been truly afraid of the voice.

I knew I should share my story with you. The voice told me so.

Helpful Spirits

This is not my own personal is one belonging to my relatives.

As I was reading over some of the recent ghost stories on this site, I realized that no one has been giving spirits any justice. Not all spirits are bad, or evil as some people seem to think. Spirits can be lost souls merely giving a helping hand. This story will tell you that.

My Aunt had three children at the time, all girls, and they lived together in a small house deep in the woods. It was a really old, and I mean OLD house.

My Aunt told me stories about a spirit that would watch over my cousins, and they, indeed, saw, and heard him. None of them were ever afraid. The youngest of the three used to always sleepwalk. One night, she started walking towards the stairs. They were very steep, and she could have hurt herself badly, but according to her older sister, something told her to get up, quickly and go into the hall. She just made it in time to save her sister from a nasty fall. About three weeks after that, they decided to go to the beach for the week. The kitchen sink, in that house, I still remember, really ticked my aunt. The pipes dripped, and flooded the kitchen all the time, and nothing she could do could make it stop. Mind you now, my aunt was the only person, besides my grandfather, who was eight states away at the time, had a key to that house. Yet, when my cousins arrived home, the eldest walked over to the sink, to prepare to clean up the mess, and found a large cloth tied VERY tightly to the pipe. There wasn't a drop on the pipe, and no one put the cloth on there. Today, they hold that to be the works of their friendly spirit.

Maryland, USA
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