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The Wake Room

March 2002

My family moved into a house in a small Texas town in 1996. We rented the house and it had been in the owner's family since it's construction. We planned on only living there for a year or so while we had a house built.

The house was three bedrooms and it was about fifty years old. There were two living rooms, one of them was in the very front of the house and right next to it there was a dining room making the room approximately 20 feet long.

When a friend of mine saw this room she said, "This room creeps me out, it would be the perfect place to have a funeral wake."

My brother's room had sliding closet doors the length of his room, but there was another regular closet behind the sliding closet door, it was like the closet had been enlarged. Also there was a fireplace in that room that had been filled in, the chimney was still visible directly above the room from the outside. I know, it sounds stupid, but I was always kind of nervous when I was in my brother's room. While living there, I thought that it was the closet and the filled-in fireplace.

We moved out a year later when he had finished building our house. While living there, nothing supernatural happened. Over the next couple of years, a couple of people (none of which we knew) lived in our former house, and then in 2000, my cousin (Jane) moved into it. She was a single mom and it was just her and her one year old son, Derrick that lived there.

They had been living there for a couple of months when one night while Derrick was asleep, she was taking a bath. She had her stereo in the living room on (not the front living room, the other one) and she heard the volume go up, as if someone were turning up the volume. She had locked all the doors so she called out "Who's there?" As expected, no one answered. She wrote it off as something to do with electrical circuits in the house, they were fifty years old after all. Not long after that, she heard footsteps coming from the attic one night. She called up her parents and her father, sister and brother-in- law came over.

While her father was checking the attic (in which he found nothing), her sister walked down the hallway and walked into a bathroom and saw the window closed, yet the curtain looked as if it was either being blown up or was being held up by something. She quickly got out of that part of the house and related the experience to her family.

Jane never spent another night in that house, her and Derrick moved back in with her parents.

Not long after moving out, she was told by someone that had known the owner's family that the man's mother had died of old age in the room that was my brother's, the room that I felt uneasy in while living there. Also, the woman my cousin talked to claimed that the owner's mother's wake had been held in the front room, the same one that had compelled my friend to say, "This room creeps me out, it would be the perfect place to have a funeral wake."

My cousin is convinced that the house was/is haunted by the owner's mother, I honestly don't know, but the room that she supposedly died in DID always make me nervous.

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