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The Walker in the Attic

July 2009

It was 1995, I had just moved into my first apartment on Daggett Street-Moosup, CT. It was a very old Victorian house and I was the only person in the entire building at that time. Around 9:00 pm, while I was sitting on the couch, there was a sudden crash come from the attic. It was so loud that particles from the ceiling fell onto my head. I was bewildered at first, thinking part of the chimney might have broken off, that is until heavy footsteps began walking from one end of the attic to the other, each time dropping something heavy at each end. My heart pounded with fear, and I sat on the couch paralyzed until I finally gained enough nerve to run out of the house. I spent a month sleeping over friends' houses, trying to avoid being alone in that house. I never believed in ghosts before this incident, so eventually I decided that if I was paying for the apartment, I was going to sleep in it. And each night, around 9:00pm, the same walking and dropping something heavy would happen in the attic. Another month went by when I decided it was time to get over my fear, so after a half an hour of listening to the walking one night, I burst open the door to the attic and ran up the half of flight of stairs brushing on the lights as I ran by them. I landed in the middle of an empty attic. When I finally let out a breath, thick fog came from my mouth. It wouldn't have been so odd in winter time, but this was June. Half disappointed that I hadn't met face to face with my apparition of a room-mate, I retreated downstairs only to notice that the noise did not continue for the rest of the night. The following night however, it started again as usual. A couple of months later, a friend of mine needed somewhere to stay so I let her come live with me. I had forgotten about the ghost in the attic because I had become quite used to him. But the first night my friend would stay at my apartment while I worked third shift, she came back to my place with a few friends to crash. It was then that I received a frantic call at work. There were a bunch of girls on the other end of the phone yelling, "There's a ghost in your attic!" I was rather relieved that it wasn't in my head.

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