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The Weeping Woman

Terrie Armstrong, WA, USA
May 2002

I moved into my home three years ago, located in a suburb of Seattle, WA.

The first day I was there, I was putting things away in the bathroom when I started hearing a woman weeping. I was alone in the house, I didn't even have my TV hooked up yet, so I was surprised to hear anything. I walked around the house but the weeping wasn't audible anywhere but the bathroom. I even walked around outside thinking maybe a neighbor was in distress, but no one was around, and I couldn't hear the sounds outside. I had a strong feeling of a woman who had lost a child and was inconsolable.

I have heard the weeping many times though my male roommate says he has never heard it. The really odd thing is that every female friend I have had stay the night here has heard it too. I have never told the story to anyone before they came to my house. Two different times I have had friends wake me up in the middle of the night asking me if I am all right. They heard a woman crying and thought (naturally enough) that it was me. As far as I know, no man has heard (or at least admitted to) the weeping.

I still hear the woman and while it doesn't scare me, I feel a deep sadness every time.

Terrie Armstrong, WA, USA
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