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The Werewolf

Kira, Quebec, Canada
January 2004

I have read many stories on this site, and some are very scary, but I still haven't read a story that resembles mine.

This story happened in 1997. I was 15 at the time. I never liked the house we had moved into that year, it had a creepy feel to it, mostly in the basement, where my room was. The creepy feeling got even worse when I started playing with a Ouija board. I would feel followed when I went upstairs, I always felt as if someone was trying to grab my feet to keep me downstairs. There weren't many windows, so it was always real dark down there. I always saw dark shadows slide by quickly in the corner of my eye..

My mom didn't seem to like it that much in the basement either. At one point, I was starting to be really mean with my parents, and my mom thought it had to do with evil spirits, so she decided to bring me to a priest. I didn't know where we were going till we were in the car and I asked them, and I was pretty upset that they would bring me there. I don't know what the priest did, but it seems like he was trying to ''exorcise'' me, throwing holy water on me and chanting. Weird enough, I felt calm and happy when we left.

But not for long...By now, it was dark out. Dad, mom and me were talking, when I spotted something on the side of the road. It looked like red glowing eyes. I wondered what could reflect red eyes from the headlights? Usually an animal reflects yellow, white eyes. Not red. Seems like we all spotted the thing, no one was talking anymore. As we got close enough, I got a good look at it. It was standing up. It was very tall, about 8 feet, it had long fur, a big head, big legs, and two small arms with huge claws. And it was looking at us roll by. I was so scared, I felt froze in the back seat. I finally asked my parents ''What the hell was that?'' My mom said she didn't know, and my dad said it was a moose. He probably didn't want to scare me...because I know that wasn't a moose. What terrified me most is knowing it had been looking at the car for awhile. It knew we would be there. It wanted us to see it.

Today I think back, and I think it was some evil spirit showing itself to us because it was angry. I don't know why it showed itself in the form of a werewolf, I never was scared of werewolves, neither my mom or dad. I am positive it was something evil, and not some random animal.

Many things have happened since then, such as hearing voices, lights turning off, hearing knocking, etc..But nothing revealed itself as strongly as the werewolf.

Thank you for reading my story, and though I still do not understand what I saw, I swear it is true...

Kira, Quebec, Canada
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