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The White Dog

Margie Begley West, Virginia, USA
May 1998

Iwas told this as a little girl. It's about my dad Earl Begley. It was told to be true. It was on that night that my dad started to believe in Guardian Angels. It is back in the early 1920's.

My Dad was walking my mom back home from church. They sat on the porch for a little bit and talked. It was getting late and he had worked all day. He lived on a farm so he said goodnight. It was late about 10 o'clock and he had to walk about 1 and a half miles down some train tracks to get to the road he lived on. He was about half way there when he got tired so he lay down for a few minutes. He soon fell asleep. He woke up to the sounds of footsteps. He looked up and saw two hobos. That year there was a depression and people would kill you for your shoes. So he was scared. He started to walk and they started to walk after him. Then he started to run, they started to run after him. My dad got tired so he slowed down and said to himself "if I die then I die fighting". So he stopped and picked up a stick, the hobos kept coming. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, a white dog so bright you were almost blinded by his brightness came out and started to growl at the hobos, he then took off after the two hobos who then ran away. Well my dad ran after the dog yelling for it to come back. The dog stopped and returned back to my dad and then followed him home. My dad was almost home when the dog came up next to him. So my dad petted him but he was so cold I mean really cold. When my dad got home, he tied up the dog with a piece of rope because my Grandmother did not allow pets in the house. He tied the rope loose enough not to strangle the dog he then said to the dog "when I get up in the morning I will get you the best breakfast a hero can get". He then went into the house and upstairs, but as soon as he got inside his bedroom door the dog let out a mournful howl. My dad ran to the window and saw the dog look up at him and disappear. My dad ran downstairs and out the door and sure enough the dog was gone. The rope was still there but the dog was gone. The rope tied just the same way he had tied it up a few minutes ago. My dad always thought it was his Guardian Angel who came to save his life.

Margie Begley West, Virginia, USA
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