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The White Feather

Cecilie, Norway
January 2005

Hi..I`m a 21 year old girl from Stavanger in Norway. The story I want to share with you is about something that happened to me and my mother about 6 years ago.

I lost all my 4 grandparents in 5 years.When I was 13 my first grandmother passed away. She was to be buried in a beautiful graveyard near my home. In church I was sitting next to my father. I had been very upset the last week, but suddenly I felt really calm. I looked up and I saw a white dove outside one of the windows. Usually the doves here are grey or brown, but this was white. I like to think that it was my grandmothers last goodbye.

The next story is about something that happened 2 years after when my second grandmother passed away. This was my mothers mother and my mum was so sad! She just cried and cried for weeks. There was nothing we could do to comfort her. She was only a shadow of the woman she used to be. But one day when I came back from school, she was out of bed making dinner. She was smiling!

A few days later she told me why...

The day everything changed she was sitting outside in front of our home. It was quite windy that day, and she was trying to read a book. Suddenly a white feather fell down on her book. There were no birds anywhere, and as I said, it was a windy day. The feather fell down like there should be no wind at all.

After that day my mum went back to the mum she used to be. She keeps the feather somewhere secret, and I am the only one that knows about it.

I guess this was my grandmothers way to tell her daughter that everything would be ok.

Thank you for reading my story!

Cecilie, Norway
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