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The White Figure and Other Experiences

Maria, MD, USA
April 2004

This happened to my mom back in 1997 or 1998, when she worked at an office building in Downtown Wash., DC with a cleaning company.
She would never lie about stuff like this because, she's very religious and the type of person who doesn't joke around when it comes to death and spirits.
But, let me tell you a little about the building, first.

It's one of those types of office buildings that has several companies and maybe a few law firms housed there. There were several deaths in that building. One time a man was killed when he was run over by a car in the building's parking garage. Another time an electrician died while working on the 11th floor (important). Also, a man wiping the windows at the top floor fell to his death.
Very often, pregnant women had miscarriages in the restrooms, which happened 3 times when my mom was working there.

Ok, now on to the story. Well, this cleaning company had their employees working from 2 PM to 4 PM, then a break, and then back to work at 5 PM till 10 PM. Well my mom was assigned to clean the 11th floor. Everything was fine during the day, but when night fell it would all change.

My mom noticed that the people who worked in the offices never liked to stay after 6 PM. She just figured they didn't want to be stuck at work, when they could be home (who wouldn't?).
Anyway, when my mom would go to clean the restrooms, there were many times when the doors would be locked from the inside and she couldn't unlock them, no matter how hard she tried. While that's happening, she could hear the toilets flushing and water running from the sinks. So, by then she figured someone is using the restroom and she would just wait for them to come out. Only nobody ever came out, after a while. So then she'll try unlocking the door again, only for it to open this time and for her to see that the restroom not only was it empty, but it was clean. She would walk in and the sinks would be sparkling, the toilet seats would be up (signaling that they were clean), the floor clean, and no trash in the trash cans. That's when she knew there was some sort of spirit making it's presence known. But, she wasn't afraid of it because it was helping her clean the restrooms.

One time she couldn't unlock the doors, after many tries, she had to go down to the manager's office and get one of the supervisors, Alex, to unlock the door for her. When they went back to the 11th floor, he unlocked the door as if nothing and went inside and saw that the restroom was already clean. My mom told him that it has happened before. He just looked at her like she was crazy and said that she was just trying to scare him. In other words he didn't believe her.

After a few months of working there, she started getting used to the helping ghost. The last thing she did before leaving was to vacuum the entire floor. The entire right wing was a law firm and it had huge glass doors, so you could clearly see if anyone was still there, even if you were at the other end. Well, many times when while she would be vacuuming, she just felt compelled to look in the direction where the glass doors are and she would see a white figure walking around going into the offices. One time , one of the supervisors, Alex, came to check on my mom and when he found her, he was pale and had a frightened look in his eyes. My mom asked him what was wrong and he told her that he had just saw a white figure go through the glass doors. My mom's response was "I told you, so."

Around the time she started seeing the white figure walking around, is when 3 of my mom's co-workers started to have miscarriages in the restrooms they were cleaning, but it happened on 3 different occasions. That same time she felt an evil presence in the entire building. She said that no matter where you went, you felt it. But, she knew it wasn't the white figure because it didn't have a harmful vibe. She believes that the white figure is the same spirit that helped her with the restrooms.

When that evil presence became to overwhelming, my mom just decided to quit (I don't blame her.).

I tagged along with my mom a couple of times to work, and I did feel an evil presence there, but I never told my mom because she would've just said that it was my imagination (I was 15 or 16 at the time, by the way). So when she told me what happened I knew I didn't imagine it.

Well, that's it for now. I have other stories to tell about our experiences, but that will be at another time.

Thanks for reading.

Maria, MD, USA
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