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The White House

Lydia, Georgia, USA
October 1999

This is an experience of when I first moved to Georgia when I was six years old.

My family and I moved into this very old house in a small town in Georgia. The house itself was over 100 years old and was built with the wood from Underground Atlanta. When we first moved in, not much was going on, but about a month after we were living there, strange things started to happen.

The first thing that I remember happening was when my cousin stayed with us. When we went to bed that night (she and I were sharing the same bed), the bed started to shake and then stopped just as suddenly as it started. Another thing that happened was when all of the family members, this included my mom, dad, 2 brothers, my uncle and my aunt, would be sitting at dinner, we would hear a loud argument on the stairs, and then a gunshot.

I really didn't think much of all of this, after all, I was only six years old, but the one event that changed my mind was when I was going down the stairs. I had made it about halfway down when I felt something cold on my ankle and the next thing I knew I was cartwheeling down the stairs. I landed pretty hard on my head when I landed, but I was no worse for the wear.

My mother had an interesting experience when she was alone in the house. Whenever everyone would leave, the exact second we all got in the car, the phone would start ringing. When my mom answered the phone, there would be nothing there. Not a dial tone, no breathing, no sound at all. When she would hang up the phone, it would ring again.

The only other freaky experience was around Christmas. My younger brother was holding a candle up to an ornament on the tree, and the tree caught on fire. The fire managed to scorch the ceiling and some plastic wall hangings. When we looked at the scorch marks the next day, they were all in the shape of faces, all armed with a wicked grin.

After we moved out of the house, we heard many stories of what went on in the house. It turns out, the argument and gunshot on the stairs was a woman, her husband, and the man she was having an affair with. The husband came home early one night, got into an argument with the other man, pulled out a gun, the wife jumped in front of the gun. The husband shot the gun, killing his wife and the other man. Distraught with killing his wife, he turned the gun on himself.

That's my story. I hope all of you people who read it believe it.

Lydia, Georgia, USA
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