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The White Lady (2)

Donna, UK
February 2004

I have always been a firm believer in all things paranormal but never thought I would come into contact with anything. That was until last month! I often visit this site and think to myself when I read stories what immense fear some people must have felt. Now I know myself. Anyway, on to my story :)

Last month I was staying in a friends house on a usual cold January night. I remembered that my mum had asked me to go home and walk the dog with her at half seven. Obviously, I obliged. She doesn't really like walking my dog when my dad works the night shift and it's dark in case any other dogs are about.

My friend and I were in the middle of telling each other stories about what we had been doing over the past couple of weeks, when I looked at my watch and realised that it was half past seven. I only live literally a five minute walk away from her so I quickly got up, grabbed my coat and told her I would be back soon.

Once I got to the house, I entered through the front door and proceeded into the living room. Mum wasn't anywhere around. I back tracked a little and shouted upstairs to see if she was getting ready, no reply. I then proceeded back into the living room and through to the kitchen to see if she was putting the lead on the dog, shouting her the whole time, in case she left without me.

As I reached the kitchen, I realised that that too was empty, and the light was on. Normal for my mum when she goes out because she likes to make it look like someone's home. I decided to give up and go watch TV until she decided to turn up again. As I was about to leave the kitchen, I heard footsteps at the side of the house. 'Of course!' I thought. Whenever she walked the dog and was waiting for me to hurry up and get my shoes on or something, she would wait outside at the side of the house so the dog didn't start getting impatient.

I opened my back door (I'll just explain the scene to you here.) As you walk out of my back door, you are facing my back garden. Then if you turn left, it takes you to the side of my house. Now, in the winter, it is REALLY dark down here, I mean, you put your hand in front of your face, you wont see a thing! That's basically because dad had two huge wooden gates attached to the front of the house to make the driveway smaller. That way, anything behind them is just covered in blackness. I then proceeded to walk to the side of the house talking to my mum as I was approaching the turn to get to her. Just the usual 'why didn't you wait in the house, I thought you'd gone'. Well, I got half way through that sentence anyway. As I turned the corner, I saw a young girl, around the age of about 20-21, but she was white, I mean EVERYTHING was white. The hair, the face, the clothes, EVERYTHING. I was routed to the spot and the tears were literally streaming out of my eyes. I could see directly through her to the gate that was behind her. That wasn't all though, I was about to get another shock. Remember me mentioning I could here footsteps which made me proceed outside? I managed to look at her feet, she didn't have any. She was about five inches off the floor. The dress that she wore stopped at the knees and her feet just weren't there. From the ankles down, nothing! I couldn't move, I was terrified. That was until she started to float towards me, staring me directly in the eyes. I then noticed that her eyes were just a white pupil with pin point green in the middle. That was enough for me to get my ass back in the house.

I ran straight back round the house and as soon as I had my back to her I could hear the footsteps again! I ran in the door, locked it (yeah good one Donna considering they can pass THROUGH things) I was scared, so I had an excuse! I then ran into the living room, closed the kitchen door and curled up in a ball on the couch until my mum came home. She told me when she finally did arrive (which seemed like an eternity) that she had actually heard footsteps herself and thought it was me coming in the back way. She had just shrugged it off and proceeded the same way I did, but didn't encounter a thing! Spooky eh?

So if ever you're in the house alone and you hear footsteps outside, I suggest you stay in the comfort of your home, you could be in for a nasty shock!

Donna, UK
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