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The Wicked World of Ouija

Rob, Ontario, Canada
October 1999

It was the first day of 1998 (Jan 1st) when myself and 3 friends got together at my best friend's house for the sole purpose of doing nothing. We quickly got bored with this and decided to do something. My buds girlfriend Vanessa had brought a Ouija board so we decided to "play".

We went to the basement, took the board out of the box and set it up. Vanessa lit candles, which she said were for protection. I was very skeptical of this whole thing, not believing a "Toy" made by parker brothers could actually be a gateway to the supernatural world. Then I (what I learned later to be a cardinal sin of Ouija) lit my lighter and touched the flame to the board, to my surprise it didn't burn. Vanessa quickly told me of the error and just hoped everything would be o.k.

We began to play asking inane questions like who am I and such. I asked if I could speak to the spirit of my dead Grandfather and the board promptly replied "no". Then a candle got blown out by some unknown wind. We got spooked and moved to higher ground. We set it up in my friends room, lit candles and turned out the lights. We asked to speak to Nostradamus and he said he was there. We asked him to predict the future and such. We then asked him what kind of music he enjoyed, as somewhat of a test for the "Spirit" we were speaking to. The spirit said "metal". Two of my friends Cory and Ryan conferenced in the hall so only Vanessa and I were with the board. I thought this would be the opportune time to ask it a real question that only 3 other people knew the answer to and Vanessa was not one of them. I asked it to tell me the name of the girl I was in love with. It replied by first giving her initials and then spelling "KAT". That freaked the youknowwhat outta me, "Kat" was the name only I called her and Vanessa didn't even know the girl.

Ryan pulled me outside and told me that Nostradamus couldn't like metal b/c he lived in the time when classical music ruled. When we returned and resumed playing, Ryan's candle was blown out again, but Cory's bedroom window wasn't open, mainly because we couldn't open it, it just wouldn't budge, it never had opened (remember that small fact for later) we then asked the board who we had been talking to, the board spelled "Debbie", we asked how she died the board spelled "Drowned" we asked if we could leave several times and she kept saying "no". Finally she said o.k. and we left.

I was spooked to say the least and got the hell outta that room as quickly as possible. Later that night I realized I had left my smokes in Cory's room. I went upstairs to get them. I walked into his room just as the digital clock on his bed turned 12:00. I bent down to pick up my pack when I noticed his window was open. I don't know how, it could never open, we always thought it was painted shut. Never the less there it was blowing icy cold air into the room giving me goose bumps.

Suddenly I couldn't hold myself up, I sat on the bed dizzy and scared when I got a mental picture of a woman's dead body underwater with her hair flowing in a current with no eyes, then she said "Debbie". I snapped out of this "Trance" to the slamming of the window, as if some unseen force slammed it shut, then the T.V. turned on and began flipping channels faster and faster. I left my smokes and got the hell outta dodge. Later we went upstairs and tried to open the window..three of us, and it wouldn't budge. My friends think I'm crazy but when they say "Let's use the board," I now politely decline and I'm not scared to say it's because I'm scared Sh**less of what could come after me.

Rob, Ontario, Canada
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