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The Windy City House

Nick, Illinois, USA
April 2007

It may be imagination or something I’ve seen in a horror movie. But there’s no doubt in my mind that what happened at that ominous house in Chicago was real.

I’d regularly go to Chicago to visit with relatives. I’d usually stay with my Grandpa, at his house. It was a suburban house. Not something you would assume was haunted?but definitely something you could tell the second you walked through the doorway.

My grandpa still lives there to this day?and I’m a little bit reluctant about going back.
It was early morning and I’d just woken up. I was just lying in bed?wondering what time it was. When I smelled breakfast and I knew it was time to get moving. As I was getting changed I heard something drop on the floor in the kitchen. Someone must’ve dropped a plate or something. I went into the kitchen in time to see an egg kind of scoot off the counter. It wasn’t very forceful, but it was enough to move it about a half a foot away from the base of the counter.
My parents and grandparents told me how just minutes before, the frying pan had just been knocked off the stove in a similar manner, and as soon as they had cleaned the mess up, the egg rolled off.

Small events continued while I was staying at his house during the summer, at Christmas, etc. Then one night, while I was laying in bed, I became aware of a certain kind of "feeling". It was like pure anger, like someone in the room was venting everything they could think of on me. I then became aware that the pillow next to me was moving, almost hovering. The next thing I knew the pillow was on top of my face. I struggled and flailed as it held firm in position, blocking my breathing. My screams for help where muffled by the thing and it finally let up when I was to a point where I felt like I was going to pass out. (Kind of like the feeling of being deep underwater?and swimming to the top as fast as you can only to get seconds away from having to inhale when you reach the surface).

My grandpa called a priest in one time while I was not there. The priest claimed to have "trapped" the spirits in the walls. I tested this theory by pressing my ear against the wall? only to hear murmuring?like someone was talking in the next room. I went to the opposite side of the wall, to the bathroom, only to see that it was completely empty, and not an appropriate place for 3 or so people to hold a conversation. Out of the corner of your eye pictures will often seem to move their arms, or face to see you, like they are being controlled by something in the wall. I have seen blood drip from the sink and told my mother?only to be told it was rust. I’ve even heard a little girls voice whisper murder into my ear once or twice, when I enter my grandpa’s room.

The house has had some Mob history, although I’m not sure if anyone was ever murdered there. These events have not changed my life. I do believe in the paranormal now, but I do not fear a place because it’s spooky or ominous. I more or less regard It with respect.

If someone has passed through there, no matter how violently, then it is a place of deep emotion and apparently, that emotion remains there long, long after.

Nick, Illinois, USA
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