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The Witch House

Gerald Schiwal, ND, USA
December 2010

Back in 1994 I was working on a Seismograph crew in north central Texas about 30 miles NE of Midland TX. The job would take us walking miles off road along the country side, laying out cables and equipment. One day doing this we came across an abandoned farm house, out in the middle of nowhere. The house was a one story stucco, with a long front porch and the windows gone. The house had several oak trees around it. In the oak trees hung small dried animal carcasses of reptiles and rodents that are found in the area.

But the strangest thing paintings that covered the house. The paintings were a graffiti of strange symbols and writings that I did not recognize or understand and never seen before. Even though we can see it's hallway indoors, none of us would dare go in. One of the workers had a camera and took a picture of the house. Shortly after that I had left Texas and didn't see any of those workers for a couple of years and never really thought of that house. Two years later I was working in Gillette WY, when I met the worker that had taken the picture. After work I went to visit him in his motel room. He took a bunch of pictures out of the work we did in Texas.

At one point of going through the pictures, he asked if I remembered the old witch house I came across. I told him I did and he pulled it out and showed it to me. I couldn't believe or understand what I saw. The house and trees were in the picture, but the strange paintings that covered the house were not there. All I saw was an old tan stucco house.

Gerald Schiwal, ND, USA
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