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The Woman In The Lane

Dylan, Devon, UK
March 2006

Now this is a story which I still remember clearly, but have never had an explanation for.

It was June 1992 me, my aunt, uncle, mum and sister we're driving home from a dinner with all the family at my grand- parents restaurant near a river in Teignmouth. On the drive home we were all squished into my aunt and uncles small car driving down a small lane, thick bushes on either side made it impossible for two cars to pass, this gave me an overwhelming sense of vulnerability but I ignored it.

Now my uncle was messing around and every now and then he would switch the headlights off and the road in front of us would just disappeared, we all jokingly screamed and continued this a couple of times. Soon the novelty wore off and we got back to chatting.

My uncle decided when there was a clear stretch of road to turn the headlights off again, we all screamed but when he turned them on again there was a clear figure of a woman standing in the middle of the road my uncle swerved into the thick bush to the left to avoid her.

We all piled out of the car as my uncle attempted to get the car un-stuck, but what was weird is that the car hit the bush only about a foot or 2 from where the woman was standing, we all searched around for her but no luck. If she was human she wouldn't have had time to run away or even climb (if she could) over the hedge. A short while passed and my uncle couldn't get the car free so he called the service and we all decided that we weren't going to get home tonight. Me my mum and sister decided to walk through the lanes back to the restaurant which wasn't that far away, to stay there the night.

On the walk back except for the moon we had no light and walking down a small road we heard loud clicking footsteps we stopped expecting it to be my auntie trying to catch up. Instead we saw a figure of a woman who was not my auntie! She turned to us and stared. The little lane got darker as the moon passed behind some clouds and when the light returned no woman! My mum and sister were really freaked out and started to power walk up the lane, I stared at the empty lane just wondering "who was that woman?" I decided to not think about it until we got back to the restaurant.

13 years later and we have made many trips up and down those lanes but had no similar experiences. Everyone we told just suggested it was a real woman, but only the 6 of us in the car swear she wasn't.

Dylan, Devon, UK
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