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The Woods (2)

Maine, USA
January 1998

Ilive in a small but growing town. Across the Street from me there is a large patch of woods. The area includes a small swamp and rocky cliff (20 feet high). I once found a hip-bone in the woods when I was young. The Police took it and called us back saying it was a cow bone. A couple of years later I found a broken piece of a gravestone with the name "JEFF" engraved in it as well as the begining of another word beginning with "BE" I have heard several "ghost" stories about these woods;

There is a story about a man who's grandson went to play in the woods and was never heard from again. The Grandfather frantically searched for him, but was killed when he tripped and fell. A lantern or light is sometimes seen drfiting in the woods.
A little young girl ran away from home and fell into a deep hole where she died. Her body was recovered when found a few days later. In the fall, her screams for help can be heard.
In WWII a "Dauntless" Dive Bomber crashed in the woods. I myself have found many weird pieces of metal and some engine parts. I don't know if they're the same, but I don't see why someone would throw large pieces of metal deep in the woods. Anyways, some people say they can hear a loud plane crash during the day.
I have had a few encounters with a ghost, which I will explain later, but as for these woods, I have never experianced them first hand. I found out most of this from a book based on the Towns History. As for the woods a lot of them are being removed for building of new houses.

Maine, USA
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