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The Woods of Hagg Lake

Errin, OR, USA
November 2003

Hello to all that read this submission...My name is Errin and what I'm about to relay to you happened to my now husband of 8yrs and myself. This may not be scary to some, but to experience this was MORTIFYING. It was NOT human and was NOT sent from GOD.

It was the summer of 1994 I believe. We had decided to go for a drive and enjoy the beautiful summer night. Hagg Lake is located basically in Forest Grove (Oregon). It's a beautiful large lake with lots of textured land all around.

We, that particular night, had decided to take the dirt/gravel road up through the woods and observe the lake from the top. It was dark, we had a 4X4 with the rollbar lights and the brush guard lights, along with the normal stock lighting on the truck, which we had ALL on so it looked like daylight in front of us.

As we pulled into the entrance we had chosen, we noticed a vehicle sitting off to the right side. It did not look abandoned, but it was a car and there is no way a car could go much further than it had. We figured they took off on foot.

As we passed it and started to ascend the road, I felt sick. I felt dread, terrified and something was telling me to make him turn the hell around and get out of there! I kept quiet as we drove upwards around corners. The more we rose, the slower he drove, the dimmer the lights seemed to have gotten. Finally, out of nowhere I heard myself say, "There is evil up here, we have to turn around and GO NOW!!" I was bordering on hysteria. He too admitted he felt overcome with dread, terror and the repeating of "Get away from here" in his head.

We finally found a place to turn around and did so. As we started to descend, whatever was up there started after us with force, we could feel it, hear it and we KNEW it was there. What 'IT' was, we are not sure even to this day.

We drove WAY too fast for that road, but we did not care in the least. I could not stop looking back and until we rounded the last corner to where the entrance stretch came into view, we felt it was right at our back bumper. It wanted us. We knew it did. We KNEW if we did not turn around or hall balls down that hill, we'd not have survived. We knew we'd not of lived. We knew as if someone was telling us this. VERY STRANGE!!

So, as he slows down, the lights are bright as ever again, we begin to see that vehicle come into view...however, this time, it was BLOCKING THE ROAD. NO JOKE. There was no one around that we could see. Being in a 4X4 we just took the switchback and busted through the greenery..Hell if I was gonna let him come to a stop or not go anywhere! The further away we drove the more peaceful we became and the safer we felt. But we could feel the anger of '"It" loosing the game of Cat/Mouse, until we were out of the Hagg Lake area in full.

We have not been back to Hagg to this day.

Errin, OR, USA
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