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The Work Boots

Megan, South Dakota, USA
July 2004

My Grandma lives off in the middle of Max North Dakota on a farm in the middle of "nowhere".

One night my grandma and my grandpa decided that they wanted to get out of the house for a while and go into town (which meant that my mom and her sister were going to be home alone all night.) A few hours after they left it started to get really dark and my mom and her sister started to get creeped out knowing they were in the middle of nowhere with no one around for over 10 miles. So, to get that off their minds, they decided to lay on the couch and watch TV....thats when it happened. They were in the middle of their TV show when they heard heavy work boots walking on the gravel road that led right up to their trailer. My mom and her sister got freaked out so they moved closer to each other. Then they heard the foot steps again....this time a lot closer. Then when they weren't expecting it, the censor lights out front came on and the noises stopped. My mom quickly reached the window with her sister to look out the window just in time to see....nothing. They both quietly returned to the couch and started to watch TV again. Then suddenly the light snapped back on again and the noise of the work boots started up again. The noise kept on getting closer and closer until they heard footsteps walking on their front porch. My mom quickly turned off the TV thinking that if whatever it was didn't hear anything it would surely go away. But she was wrong.

My mom and her sister lay close together on the couch and they both shut their eyes because they didn't want to see anything. Just then, they heard the front door open very slowly and heard work boots walking toward the living room. Both of them, having their eyes shut, knew that whatever it was was coming their way. So they shut their eyes even tighter. Just then the noises stopped and right when they were getting ready to open their eyes, they felt breathing on their necks. After a while it stopped and they both opened their eyes and hugged each other then they thought "I bet it was just mom and dad playing tricks on us." So they both got up and walked to the window to look out and see.....nothing. Their parent's car wasn't there and then they stopped to remember that neither of their parents owned heavy work boots.

Megan, South Dakota, USA
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