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The Workshop

Nikki, FL, USA
April 2005

I am 19 and I now live in sunny Florida, but this is not where my story takes place. From the time I was about 7 till I was the age 17 I lived in South Hadley, Massachusetts. The house we lived in was build by my grandfather. He always had to be working with his hands. And you will soon see how this plays in with my story.

When I was 7 we moved from California to a little town South Hadley which probably isn't on most maps. My dad retired from the Navy and my grandparents sold the house that he grew up in to our family. My grandparents moved only about two miles from us. Every Thursday night they would come over for dinner and a game of cards with my parents. Well first I should tell you that this all takes place in my basement and I have to describe how it looks.

When you walk down the stairs, you come to a laundry room on your left. Directly in front of you is a door that leads to two rooms. Once you open the door, and walk in you are standing in both rooms. One on your right and the other on your left. The right was used for a playroom and the left was the computer room. In the computer room there was another door that lead to the back of the basement. That door is always shut. Not allowed to be open. Back there was a workshop that my grandpa had made especially for him.

Back to the story.

One night while I was in my room doing my homework, and the grown ups were playing cards, I heard gasps coming from the kitchen. I ran to the hall that lead from my room and the kitchen and my mom ran towards me and caught me before I could see in the kitchen. My grandpa had a stroke and died a few months afterwards. It was sad. It was the first person I have ever lost that I was close to. Well not long after he died I started having these dreams. It was of my mother and I walking down the basement steps and in front of us was a beautiful golden light. We opened the door to the workshop and there was my grandpa smiling so big, working in the shop. And I always took it as a sign, he's trying to get through to me and let me know he's happy. Well not too long after that dream came, I was down stairs one day on the computer and the TV that was in the room turned on. I got up and turned it off. I figured that the remote was under my chair and I must have kicked it. Minutes later, it happened again. The TV turned on and I was getting a little scared by now. I got up and once again, turned it off. Well as soon as I sat down, it snapped right back on. I jumped out of my chair and ran upstairs and just stayed up there. I left all the lights and computer and even the TV on.

That was my first experience. The next one is a little more freaky. Once again, I was in the computer room working on the computer. Now for you to imagine this, you need to understand the set up of the room, when you look in the room from the playroom, theres a wall to your left. Against that wall is two lazy boys. One rocks the other doesn't. The wall directly in front of you is where the computer was. There was a desk built right into the wall. And the wall to your right had the door to the workshop and then the TV next to it. So as I'm working on the computer and my back is to the room, I heard a squeak. I'm already pretty skeptical of that room so I turned around and half expected someone to be standing there. But no, I turned around to see the chair that rocks moving, as if someone bumped into it walking past. I just stared at it and the longer I watched the faster it went. It got to the point where it was rocking so hard it was hitting the wall behind it. My heart was beating so hard, I thought it was going to jump right out of my chest. I ran upstairs and told my sister and she came back down to see if what I was saying was true. We got downstairs and the chair was still as could be, but what was strange was, the door to the workshop, was open....

Thank you so much for listening to my story. The only other people that knew what happened was my mom and sister.

Nikki, FL, USA
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