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The Yellow Eyed Man

Michael Maguire, Queensland, Australia
November 2009

Many years ago, about 1970, I lived in a terraced house in Gorton Manchester. I would have been 5 or six at the time. I had seen a ghost when I was about three in a previous house in Gorton, but it was just a passive man sitting at the top of the stairs.

On many occasions in this new house, I could feel something on the end of my bed and couldn't push my feet down because of this obstruction.

Then on one night it came. First I heard the dishes on the kitchen sink move downstairs, I thought it might have been my mother washing up. I then rolled over and to my horror I was staring into a black face with yellow eyes next to my bed, this thing then grabbed me around the throat. I tried to scream for my mum but no noise came out, it felt like the hands around my throat were stopping my voice coming out. It spoke to me and said its name was Catyre or something like that, and told me it would come back.

I then either passed out or something and it was gone. I put my head under the covers for probably 15 years after that and still have trouble sleeping in a room alone. Since then, in nearly every house I have lived in, spooky happenings have occurred.

Michael Maguire, Queensland, Australia
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