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Heidi, Athens, USA
November 1999

Ilive in Athens County, Ohio. Which just so happens to be the 13th most haunted place in the world. It is documented in the old archives of the Athens News somewhere.

Anyway, on with my experience. I am a member of the Community Theater that performs in the Stuart's Opera House. Several people have experienced a "presence" there but nothing has happened until recently.

About a year ago, the director of one of our shows complained to the house manager that there might be a short in the light board. I never thought anything about until I was asked to turn the stage lights on. I opened the door to the light booth which leads to the catwalk of the ceiling lights and I heard a bunch of clanging about. It was as if someone was running to reach the ladder which happens to be at the door opening. Knowing that there was a presence there with me, I ignored it so that I wouldn't be messed with any further than what had just happened.

The rehearsal went on as planned but the entire auditorium became gradually cooler and cooler. No one thought anything of it, except me. I knew that the Director would ask me to turn those lights off. I did, but I complained all the way. I rushed into that light booth, mistakenly turned off the switch before turning down the grand master and got outta there.

I thought that the worst was over. I began to help the director clear off the stage because there was another group coming in the following morning. The Director and I finished while everyone else left and just as I was gathering up my things the he asks me "Didn't you turn the lights off?" Two lonely lights were on. One light on the left and one light on the right. I told the Director "No way am I going up there. The grand master is down and the power is off!!!" There was no way I was going up there by myself. I felt if I did, it would be an invitation to stranger happenings. So, sure enough he witnessed that what I said was true and I made my declaration that I wasn't crazy. He felt that was a matter of opinion, jokingly.

We began to walk down the stairs on our way out the door....and...just as the Director reached the middle of the stairs...the auditorium door behind him opened and closed. No one else was in the building and we hadn't touched those doors. His steps became a bit quicker on his way out the door.

I have also been told that during one of our recent performances that the girl running lights was hearing strange voices over the headset. She repeatedly asked the stage manager if he was trying to talk to her. He wasn't. The stage manager and I was having our own conversation. She mentioned that the settings for the lights including the spot light had been messed with. The house manager swears that no one was even in that vicinity before the performances.

All during the rehearsals of that show everyone kept hearing clanging, banging and especially knocking on doors. Several people were sent out in the hallway to the top of the stairs to see who it was. Of course, no one would be there.

I have heard footsteps stage left. Once, I felt like I walked through a cobweb when there wasn't a cobweb there - like someone was lightly playing with my hair.

The stage manager has heard foot steps on the back stairs when everyone was on stage.

During two performances everything went pitch black and the lights slowly faded up without explanation.

I am just scared since this place is so active that these spirits could get angry, depressed, or violent (depending). I am looking for clairvoyant help that is willing to come to this place to tell us if we can trust this spirit not to be mean or to even give us a clue as to who it is. I just don't understand why it is just now becoming very brave because our theater group has been there for two years.

Heidi, Athens, USA
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