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There Is Someone Here.......

February 2002

My closest friend Esther bought a small flat in a medieval hamlet in Scotland. This hamlet consisted of a church, a small shop and a pub and not much else. The place was chosen because of its location and serenity.

She and her small daughter had lived in the house for approximately two months before the disturbances began. I had stayed there many times and never felt any presence until one unforgettable evening in a bitter Scottish winter.

A power cut had knocked out most of the town and surrounding towns electricity and we had to light candles to be able to see. A large mirror hung above Esthers fireplace and as we chatted that evening Esther suddenly went quiet and stood up as if alarmed. I suddenly went cold and asked her what was wrong. She said she saw something leaving her daughters daughters room but couldn't make out what it was. She went to the room carrying only a candle and checked on her little girl. As she walked back her candle suddenly went out, as if blown out by something behind her. She screamed and ran towards me. We concluded a very logical reason for it and tried to get on with the evening.

During the night while we slept (we shared a bed as we didn't want to sleep alone). I felt something run a hand up my leg while I was half asleep but wasn't fully aware of it until I could hear breathing directly over my face. This time I screamed and accidently woke up her little girl. Esther was not best pleased but she brought her daughter into the room and we three shared a bed.

In the morning we came into the livingroom and found all the candles lying down and not standing up as we had left them. They all had been standing in saucers and now lay flat over the saucer itself.

Other occurrences have been tappings on windows (She lives on the second floor). Sounds of dragging (she could only describe it as that). And also extreme cold spots which I have felt even in summer and times of extreme heat.

Esther paid a large sum of money and hired a psychic to come to her home and see what she could sense. The lady confirmed it was a man but said he posed no threat to either of us. He had not died in his home but while far away and likes to know who is in his home. She also said he liked Esther and her Daughter and likes to sit in the childs room.

My friend still lives there and since little has happened. But sometimes you can feel that you are not alone. Even though we know he is over friendly it still cant prevent you from being scared.

We named him "Friendly Fred" but still hope he stays a stranger while my friend lives there.

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