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They Are There When I Sleep

Jena, Oregon, USA
November 2006

I have three small instances of "paranormal" experiences that I have witnessed but they are not all that I have witnessed. *Names have been changed in this story...

"The Man"
I was spending the night at *Sara's house, she's my best friend, and her and her mother both believe in ghosts and had their own experiences.
I could never tell anything was in their house before because the place felt so warm and you felt like you were at home there.
We all sat down and watched a movie (I forgot what it was) and we decided at 12:00am to go to bed. *Sara and her boyfriend/fiance, *Tom, slept in her bed and I slept on the floor. Then I fell asleep. About an hour later...I just woke up suddenly I looked up and down at my feet because my feet were freezing, and there I saw only half of a man from his head down to part of his waist. It was more like a shadow of a man but of course not on a wall. He was just standing there, staring at me. I felt frightened but I also felt very curious at the same time then he just kind of walked away and vanished.
"The hand"
I was again at my friend *Sara's house and I had spent the night that night when *Tom was at his parents house. I woke up to the morning sun and looked around tiredly and starting to nap again. All of a sudden this feeling of a hand or a finger slid down my arm from my shoulder to my elbow. I thought it was a cat at first but when I jolted awake there was no cat to be seen.
I told *Sara's mom this and she said that it has happened a couple of times to her as well.
"The Voice"
I had spent the night at *Sara's house and her and Tom had gone somewhere in the morning for a little bit, probably shopping for groceries or something, and I snuck into their bed and napped there. After a little while I got woken up by *Sara and *Tom coming home. So I closed my eyes once again. Then all of a sudden the air kind of felt dense and right in front of my face there came a voice that said "wake up." Not in a negative way but not in a nice way either. But the weird thing was that no one was there when I popped my eyes wide open. I didn't even feel like there was any breath on my face when the voice came out. But it sounded like a woman, not like anyone I had ever heard. I definitely woke up and got out of bed.

Jena, Oregon, USA
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