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They aren't Just Sounds

Utah, USA
February 2000

I've never told anyone about my experience yet.

My husband's grandparents built an apartment onto his house when he was young so they could help his single mom take care of him. One morning, when my husband was twelve his mom said they needed to go over and say 'goodbye' to his grandpa before they left for their day. His grandma was out of town at the time. When they went over, they found his grandpa on his bed, boots still on. He had died that morning.

When my husband and I were dating we both still lived at home. One day I was over there all alone when I decided to take a nap in my husband's bed. His room is in the basement and no one ever goes down there except for us. Well as I lay there awake, I could hear someone walking up on the level above me. You can here everything in that house and I kept hearing footsteps and things being moved up there. I thought it must be the girl who cleans their house so I got up and looked but no one was there. After a while I heard them again. Finally my husband came home and I went upstairs and asked him how long he had been there. He said he had just gotten home.

When my husband and I got married we had to move into his mom's house for a few months. One day I went to lay down again. I have to mention the carpet down there is also very long and you can always here it when someone enters a room. Well as I was laying there, I heard some footsteps getting closer to the bedroom door and come in then they walked away. It scared me so I just pretended I was asleep. Then I heard the footsteps come back into the room and walk up to my side of the bed. I could feel someone watching me and breathing and I had a feeling of evil. I was so scared I didn't move. Then they walked out again. I know it wasn't my husband because he was gone all day and my mother-in-law is too. I don't know if this is the grandpa checking on me or what is going on. But I know his grandpa was a really kind man so I can't figure who that was who was watching me.

Well thanks for reading!

Utah, USA
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