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They Move House More Than I Do

May 2002

I've been living in Oklahoma for 16 years now, we started out in New Jersey and went to California and then to Panama. After all that we ended up here, now mind you, nothing weird has ever been reported here except an army fellow that got murdered at an old abandoned park many years back. One that I heard when we got here was that a man hung himself with a shoelace in the park right behind our house. I, myself, don't really believe in ghosts and would like to keep it this way. I've been beaten pretty good, bitten by dogs and snakes and had a branch come tumbling down on my face before, but the experiences I've had in the last few years have given me a bit of a start.

I used to hang around with a few of my friends and I'll admit, they're weirdos. They used to believe in all this, and through the hype, I believe I started to imagine things. Mind you, some of these "things" happened before I even met them, but I was younger then and didn't really know what they meant.

My first encounter was when I was about seven or eight years old, give or take a few years (It's been a while, I don't remember how old I was exactly, I just know I was still in grade school at the time). I was sitting in my chair with my radio up and the headphones on when I felt a vibration in the floor, mind you, we have a concrete floor in the room I was in. I thought it might have been a plane or artillery firing over head, but to my surprise I looked up and there was my mother, standing in the room across from me. At first I paid no mind, but my mother wasn't one to be up and around at this hour, so I went into the room she was in and looked around. Well, I figured she might have gone to the restroom, gone to check on me and gone back to bed. I walked in and woke her up and asked her if she had done so, to my surprise she said "No" (My mother doesn't lie to me, just a side note). I still can't figure this one out, but the next one is a little better.

A lot of years down the road and I was all grown up (18 legal age) and hanging out with my old friends and stuff. Well, we decided to go out to an old lake tower we had sitting around here out in the refuge (It's a place for buffalo and where Jeronimo and Jesse James had died). Now it was rumored to have been an old Indian burial site at one time, I still can't explain the cruddy stone stairs that led to the lake and the weird "whooping and hollaring" noises like from those old Cowboy and Indian gun/arrow fights you see on television, but we all heard them one night. The one thing that really got to me though was the story of a "Guardian" that hung around this place, well, me being a non-believer, had to go along and see this for myself. Now the refuge is closed after hours, so we had to sneak in (I have the tickets and fines to back this up) and park along the lakeside. I wasn't there for more than two hours before I looked up at this tower and saw a lady in a black dress looking back down at me and waving me toward her. We were in a group that night and we all saw something different. One saw a lady in a green dress, another a blue dress and one saw a white dress, but none the less we saw the same thing basically. As we left, my buddy (who was driving and loved his car) started going into a trance like state and started babbling nonsense, after that he lost control and we ended up in the ditch on the side of the road.

We returned another night and I saw this "so called" guardian and it freaked me out pretty bad, as funny as it sounds, it's not so funny when you see something like this. It had the body of a buffalo and the head of a wolf, as we turned around and quickly walked back to the car, the door on the tower (which was welded shut) slammed open as we went down the trail. I happened to look behind me and I saw the head of a wolf in the shadows staring at me.

On the drive back I saw that same head in the steam of the window of the car. It was sweeping across what looked like my buddies, killing a few in the process. I never went back after that (plus the fines were getting too high at the time).

Okay, the story actually starts to get weird at this point in my life, when I turned 20 I started seeing the really weird stuff. It started out as a weird feeling around me as I walked around my house at night, I passed it off as being paranoid since we had a robber prowling around a few years back and that still gets to me (he broke our window and was scared off, clothes lining himself on the clothesline in the process of his run). The feeling kept getting stronger and I started to break out into sweats, nothing has ever freaked me before but whatever had done this was doing a damn good job.

I brought a friend over one night and we started to talk about all the happenings, and that's when it got weird. We both agreed that we felt something, I thought that there was a family living in the house that we were in, but the people that lived there last just moved out and nothing else was heard from them. After a while we both agreed we felt the same thing, (a few years back I had a weird encounter with a mirror in a booth where I thought I saw an old woman hanging from the wall, upon later investigation there was nothing there, I don't know but I don't think these two were connected) there was a father, a mother, a son and a daughter. The other family members just seemed to stand by and watch, though the seven year old girl (so she seemed to me) seemed to take a liking to me for some reason. In the darkness of my bedroom you could make her outline out in an even darker shade of black (she usually sat on the bed), but her glowing white eyes were what really got me.

My friend saw the same thing, followed by some flashes of light across the room and started losing his breath, I saw these as well and decided to leave. We got into my truck and drove around for a while, we came back at about 2 in the morning (the weird stuff happened around 11 pm that night) and we both saw an older woman standing in the curtains in the front of my house. He stopped coming over after that, I don't blame him.

A few months later I had a weird encounter that didn't really make all that much sense, I was standing in front of my house and I was pretty ticked off. Right when I wished for something good to happen a bright flash of light and a streak tore across the sky, just missing my roof by a few feet. As much as I wanted to pass this off as a shooting/falling star I checked the area behind my house... nothing there. Again, a few days after that I noticed the form of (what looked to be a dying man) some sort crawling along my roof, his hand actually reached over the roof sprawled at me.

A half a year later I was lying in bed, I had one heck of a bad dream (It wasn't really a nightmare) and I was on the edge of waking up (on hard nights I don't wake up easily, and this was a hard night at work). I remember my dream being violent, but what was in store for me I still can't explain to this day. I just happened to glance up at my dresser, and low and behold there was a young man (maybe 15 or 16 years old) kneeling atop my dresser table staring down at me. I swore he just smiled at me and raised his hand, sending it across my face, mind you I'm still half way asleep when this happened. When his hand hit I felt a strong gush of air and then I awoke in a sweat. Weird, no?

Afterward I've had my ups and downs, and it still seems like someone's watching me, though it isn't always the same person or persons. I haven't seen anything in the last year, (thank goodness) but at that time was my house a truck stop for the unknown? Like I said, I don't believe in ghosts and I'd like to keep it that way, but there are some things out there that can't be explained.

Sorry for the long story (stories), just wanted to share it with you. If you have any comment on what all these events might have meant, feel free to contact me.

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