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They Never Leave

December 2006

I am not really a believer in ghost or spirits but I do think than there are things that we can't explain.

This story is very recent but the history starts ten years ago when my ex-husband and I started seeing each other.
We met through a couple I worked with. I worked with the wife while my ex worked with the husband (his best friend). They hooked us up and the rest was history so to speak. While seeing Tony, he started to bring me over to the couples' house for get togethers. From the very first time I stepped foot into this house, I felt very uncomfortable. I never saw anything strange but just the feeling of being there was enough to start having parties at our place (Tony and I eventually lived together then got married). Once in a while we would go to the other house if we were on that side of town.
After we had been married for a 2-3 years the couple split up and my husbands best friend wound up with the house. After that, whenever you set foot into the house, it felt more depressive, more gloomy. I know that could be blamed on the overall sadness of the friend due to the fact that he still loved his ex-wife very much. But before you were able to see natural light through the huge windows in the living room. Since the couple divorced, it seemed that the house was darker, not just in the amount of light but feeling. I know for a fact that the darkness/depression got to the friend because he was only seen at work and he had the tendency to shut himself in that house. Even the exterior of the house had changed.
Two years later that man killed himself and my husband bought the house (against my wishes of course). We had only partially moved in when my son and a friends daughter started saying they were playing catch with my husband's friends ghost. All the adults thought it was cute but untrue. I myself never saw the ball move but after that I would hear footsteps at night when it was just my son and I. I started not wanting to sleep upstairs at night because the room where the children had been playing with the ghost was my room.
When my husband and I divorced I let him keep the house as I never liked it. My ex- husband lived in the house until he died of a sudden illness within the last year. The realtor came to me to sign some paper and I recalled him being the realtor that handled the sale of the house to Tony and I years ago. He let me know that he has sold my husband's friend and his wife the house too, and that he hoped to sell this house quickly. I didn't know that except for my ex and I buying the house as fast as we had, the other times it sold it had been on the market for months. He said that the house had tragedy attached to it. Not only of my ex-husbands passing nor of the friends divorce and suicide but the first owners had also perished in the house. It had been a combo murder-suicide. I jokingly told him he should get it blessed then saw him hesitate. He knew I had a child but asked how old my son was. I told him that he was 8 years old and asked why, he had started to look uncomfortable at this time. He replied that he thought I had a teenager and that he may have been the one behind the mischief, then went ahead and told me that since the house was put up on the market 3 months ago the "FOR SALE" sign had been found in the neighbor's yard several times. At that point I got goose bumps because the sign (that was in the correct yard ) started swinging on its own and there was no wind.
I am now glad I decided to not move into the house as my ex had wished.

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