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They Stayed With Me

Ratha, FL, USA
October 2004

I've always been interested in the paranormal since I was little, and I've had several experiences, none of which have been all that scary.

The first I can remember is when I was about three or four years old. My dad worked as a mail carrier, so he was gone during the day. One day, I was playing in the living room of our house while my mom was in her bedroom doing something. I remember looking up and clearly seeing my dad walk past the door to the living room and down the hall to the bedroom. I jumped up and ran after him to ask why he wasn't at work, but when I reached the hall, there was no sign of him. I looked all over for him and couldn't find him, so I asked my mom where he was. She told me he was at work, but I told her I just saw him, but she didn't believe me. Years later, I still remember that day and wonder what it was I really saw.

My dad died a few years ago, and he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in the river in Louisiana where he was born on a houseboat. We- me, my mom, and my younger brother- stopped in Houston, TX, where we once lived on our way to Louisiana with his ashes in a box in the trunk of the car. We stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant to eat and we started talking about how he had loved going there. All of a sudden, the alarm on the car started going off and the trunk opened and the headlights started flashing. My mom went out and turned the alarm off and closed the trunk, then came back in and we shrugged it off. A few minutes later, it happened again- the trunk opened, the alarm went off, and the headlights started flashing. We looked at each other, then my mom went out and closed the trunk again. This happened two more times, and finally my mom went out and said to the box "Now stop that! You're not coming in!" Nothing happened the rest of the time we were there, and we agree that it was my dad being grumpy because we were in the restaurant without him. He always did get grumpy when we ate without him...

Shortly after my dad had died, I had gone with a group from my church to Orlando where our church has a temple to do work for the dead. I was doing work for two of my aunts and a great aunt, all of whom died recently- one had died in Florida. After we had done the work, I was in the bathroom cleaning my glasses. I'm extremely nearsighted without my glasses, so pretty much all I can see without them is colored blobs. I was standing near the wall with a large mirror across from me, and I was the only one in the bathroom at the time. While I was cleaning my glasses, I happened to glance up at the mirror and saw a woman with long dark curly hair standing beside me and a little behind me, clear as day. Startled, I looked behind me, but there was no one there, and no way anyone could be there because I was so close to the wall. I told my mom about it when I got home and she showed me a picture of her sisters. I immediately recognized the woman I saw in one of the pictures and found out she was the one who had died in Florida.

My final two stories aren't nearly as spectacular as the others, but they're my most favorite because of who is involved. Several years ago, I had a beautiful cat named Mystique. He was a fluffy cat and looked like a fluffy tabby-point(lynx-point) Siamese, and he was the sweetest cat. I had raised him ever since he was five weeks old, so he was my baby. He followed me everywhere, and I always knew when he jumped on my bed to sleep with me, because he always jumped up from the foot of the bed.

Then one night when he was a little over a year old, my mom found him laying in the middle of the road behind our house. Someone had shot him in the mouth with a BB gun and left him there. I was devastated. I actually cried more when Mystique died than when my dad died. Anyway, not long after Mystique had died, I was sleeping in my room with the door closed, when all of a sudden I woke up. I couldn't figure out why I had woken up, then I felt a cat jump onto the foot of my bed. When I looked, I couldn't see anything there, but I could feel a cat walking along the bed to curl up beside my legs just like Mystique used to do. I couldn't help smiling because I knew Mystique was still with me.

Over the years, Mystique's spirit has followed me whenever I've moved, and I still feel him jump onto the foot of my bed. More recently, he's been joined by another of my cats, Delilah, who I also raised from a kitten and I've had her the longest.

When she was alive, she would always move over when Mystique's spirit jumped on the bed. She would always jump onto my nightstand, then climb onto my bed at the head of the bed and crawl under my blankets to sleep beside me. She also had a plastic jack that she loved to play with, and she would carry it around in her mouth.

I haven't seen her jack since she died, until a few days ago. I woke up one morning to find her jack laying on the pillow beside my head. It has since disappeared again, and I take its appearance as a visible sign that my cats have stayed with me, even after death.

I still feel Delilah and Mystique jump on my bed at night in their own ways- and if my latest cat Merlin is in their way, he will move so they can sleep in their places by me. He jumps onto my bed from the dresser with a big thump, making the whole bed shake, so I'll know how to recognize him when he joins them.

Ratha, FL, USA
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