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Thieving Shadow

Hawaii, USA
July 2000

We've all heard of that feeling of being held down while sleeping and not being able to breath or scream for help (sleep paralysis).Well while in the Air Force and spending a week on Wake Island, I was trying to sleep in the barracks and my roomie was in the room with his small reading light on. I was turned to the wall in order to have less light in my face and as I felt myself drifting off, I felt this chill hit me, which was really weird because it had been in the 90s all the time we were there, anyways I had this irrational fear overcome me, so I peaked thru one squinting eye and saw this moving black shadow between myself and the wall (about two feet) well I knew I was awake, so I became frozen to the bed afraid to even breath.

When I finally broke the spell of fear and moved, it just disappeared so I spun around to my roomie and he was still reading and had no idea what happened (and he was only five feet away). I was so nervous I couldn't sit still so in order to relax I went to take a shower which by the way was only next door to our room and it only had one stall and one door in or out. Also I always wore a silver cross. Well while in the shower I removed it and hung it on the door to the stall while I showered, by the time I was ready to rinse off the soap and shampoo there was a loud rap on the door and I heard a male voice say "come on already" from outside the door, thinking it was my roomie wanting in I yelled "gimme a minute!" and then rinsed and dried as fast as I could. I got out and went down the hall about three feet and realized I had left my cross hanging in the shower so I turned around and went back in to grab it...but it was gone! And there is no way anyone could have gotten past me because there is only one way in there and I never went more than three feet from the door. I got that cold chill again and ran to my room to tell my roomie the shower was free. He said he had never even gotten out of bed yet!
To this day I cant forget that shadow and my missing cross!

Hawaii, USA
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