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Things In The Night

Kayla Lafontaine, NH, USA
March 2003

Imagine this: You are 16, young and stupid. You decide to go to a party, but leave early to go baby-sit your brother (hey, you promised) and on your way home you see a tall figure standing on two legs in the middle of the road. All you see is it's silhouette, but as much as you can tell, this person, or thing is about 8 to 9 feet tall. It has yellowish colored eyes and very long legs. As you get closer, to try to figure out what exactly it was, it darts off, leaving you curious and terrified.

This is what happened to me eight years ago. I wasn't under the influence of anything. I was offered a beer (I think) at the party, but I refused. I remember going back the next day, looking for any evidence of him. There were no foot prints in the snow, no hair (or fur) anywhere, no evidence whatsoever. This haunted me for the next few weeks, and I remember going on the net, looking for any information about what I saw.

I soon realized exactly what I saw that night. BIGFOOT! I never truly believed he existed until a few weeks after the incident. It may not have been him, maybe it was an abominable snowman, which makes sense because it was in the middle of winter.

Well, I guess I still haven't come to the exact conclusion I wanted, and even though I am still very much confused, I am not scared anymore. Sometimes I am surprised that I was ever scared because I was young and daring, and I don't remember ever being really scared of anything else.

I hope you enjoyed my experience and can laugh at it as much as I can.

(P.S. This wasn't a dream. I even wrote it down in my journal. I still have the journal and the more I read it, the more I laugh.)

Kayla Lafontaine, NH, USA
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