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Things That Go Bump In The Night (1)

Suzie, Utah, USA
May 2001

When my oldest son was two, we lived in an old cabin high up in the mountains. Our cabin was said to have been an old railroad line cabin used during the hey days of the mining town up the road. My mother in-law had somewhat renovated the cabin into a summer-fall home for the ranch we were working on. My husband was quite fond of this place, and I was just a bit paranoid about the place, because of a few things which were taking place in the cabin.

There were foot steps running up and down stairs when nobody was there, televisions coming on by themselves, without the cord being plugged into the sockets, women speaking in very fast paced quiet language, which you could hear but not understand, horses outside the cabin being spooked by things which couldn't be seen, and many more unearthly, unexplainable things which went bump not only in the night but almost any given day. I was and still am a little uneasy about this cabin.

When my son was two years old, we had placed him in a middle bedroom of this cabin. He was tired and fell quickly and soundly asleep. He had been playing all day. It was late, so my husband, and myself also went to bed in the next bedroom. It was about three in the morning, when both my husband, and myself were awakened by the high pitched screaming of my son. He was terrified. My husband and I both jumped out of bed and went directly to my son's room. He was lying in his bed, eyes shining in terror, covered tightly up to his neck in blankets, which also had been tucked tightly into the sides and end of his bed. I looked at my husband in astonishment, and asked "who covered him like this?" He was as amazed as I was. My son looked at us, and screamed "Ollie did". I undid the blankets from my son, and carried him to bed with me.

Over the years since that time, we have been visited by many more spirits from the realm of death. Our friends have seen door handles turn and doors open up and close by themselves. They too have heard the voices of women chattering throughout the cabin, footsteps running up and down invisible stairs, and once in awhile an occasional visit from an apparition of an older gentleman, who comes from a mist of bluish silver air, and disappears into this mist of air. They have heard a phone, long ago disconnected ring, and when answered a static comes through on the line.

We have had sightings of children dressed in early 20th century garb visit our home site, and have even had one little spirit girl chase some of our children from behind a bike, only to disappear into nothingness in front of my brother in-laws wide eyes. This scared him so bad, that he gathered the children and bikes up, threw them into the back of his truck, and took off up the street without finishing a fence line he was doing. He by the way never believed in ghosts until that day.

Several of our visiting friends, have had their feet played with at night while sleeping. They have also had their clothes neatly folded and placed at the foot of their beds. My dogs have stood in corners and barked for no apparent reason, sometimes while cocking their heads from one side to the other as though looking at someone.

My brave beagle has hi-tailed or should I say placed her tail between her legs, and cowardly run quickly from the back of the cabin and into another room, hidden under the bed, and growled when coaxed to come out. We have been locked into rooms, with the door held and no one on the other side. Felt several areas of cold spots, been jumped upon by what feels like another body while in bed, had hands run up and down our backs, had our names called and poked in the back with a finger.

The cabin has had another resident who lived in it before us. She was the 93 year old lady up town. When I asked her to please come visit me in the cabin, she shook her head no over and over again, and said she would never come down because the place was haunted. She said she was always being haunted when she lived in it years ago, as was her family.

Even though the cabin is haunted, I like it, but you will never see me staying there by myself. I really don't like people who show up unannounced. By the way Ollie was my grandmothers great aunt who had passed away long before my dad or even I was born. I didn't know anything about her until a couple of years ago when my dad was telling us about his relatives, and her name came up. My son is now 28, and I am older but a better believer of things that go bump in the night.

Suzie, Utah, USA
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