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Thinking of You

Samantha, NC, USA
February 2003

Well before I begin Just like to give a little background information.

The ghost in this story is a friend of mines uncle who happened to pass away when the friend was just 6. He'd just learned to ride a bike when he had fallen in Uncle Petes yard. Upon falling he noticed Uncle Pete lying on the ground in front of his back porch, he ran to see what was wrong...finding uncle Pete clutching his chest and icy to the touch. Now 20 years later the friend lives in a house right behind the very spot. Standing on his porch you can see into and around Petes house.

Here's the story.

Theres been many occasions when we've all heard or felt "things", but only a few have seen something. I was lucky enough to be in that few. I've always been a believer, theres been no doubt so naturaly when I learned about the rundown house in front of Robbies (the friend) I wanted to go and explore (theres a little kid in us all right?). So every time we were at Robbies I always wander through Petes yard looking at the farm equipment that seems to be ancient, the garden thats dead, except the wild roses still growing and taking over the side of the tool shed. There were many occasions I felt like I was being watched, but never got the chance to see anything.

One Day I was in the garden picking some of the red roses that still grew. Now from the garden it gives you a clear view of where Petes bedroom once was. So As I was in the garden looking up and having the familiar feeling of being watched, I was in shock seeing the figure of a man standing in the bedroom window, wearing a flannel shirt and overalls with salt and pepper hair (at this point I had never seen a picture of Pete).

Dropping the roses I ran Down to Robbies afraid but excited by this. I didn't realize I'd been crying but I ran into the house and told Robbie and my boyfriend Josh what I had seen. They weren't surprised, they then went on to tell me their own stories and how Pete only shows himself to certain people.

A month or so passed without my visiting the house and I decided to revisit the garden and claim some of the roses seeing if he would reveal himself again. But sadly nothing. So I went to the front door of the house...roses in hand. Curiosity of course getting the better of me I tried the knob....Nothing. So a bit disappointed I left the roses stuck in the screen door (a gift letting him know someone was thinking of him...I worry sometimes they are stuck between and it gets lonely). Again returning to Robbies house, looking to the ground walking Past Josh's car, kicking rocks walking past my side of the car up to the porch and in the house. Hours later when we left waving good-bye, not watching where I was really going, stepping up to the car, something crushed under my foot. Looking down was a single wild rose. Asking the guys they said they didn't do it after all we'd all been in the house together.

Guess someone was thinking of me too.

Thanks for reading, Love And Light


Samantha, NC, USA
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