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This House Tortured My Poor Daughter

Tanya, Alberta, Canada
December 2004

My family moved into an old house in 2000, which we rented from a family friend. As we were going through our walk through she told me that there was a friendly ghost who lived there and all he did was open or close the doors sometimes, and then she laughed. I shrugged it off.

My daughter was two years old when she was playing in the kitchen and came running into the livingroom where I was watching television. She covered her head with her blanket so I asked her what was wrong. She said, "There's a man walking in the kitchen." Right at that exact moment my cupboard door banged shut. I froze with fear and our saga began.

Many little things would happen. Such as, footsteps being heard upstairs when no one was home, television turning channels or turning off completely, battery operated toys going off when no one was playing with them or even near them. No matter where I was in the house I always felt someone over my shoulder. Except the bathroom, but as soon as you opened the door it felt like someone was standing there waiting for you to come out.

My daughter woke up one night and whispered my name. It was amazing that I even heard her because I was an extremely heavy sleeper and she slept on the upper floor of the house while my husband and I slept on the main level. I laid there for a minute and thought that maybe she was just talking in her sleep. Reluctantly, I decided to check on her and she was hiding under her blanket. I asked her what was wrong and she pointed behind me and told me there was someone standing behind me. I grabbed her, brought her downstairs, and realized she had a really bad fever. I think whatever was in her room was protecting her.

We finally decided to move out after the night my daughter woke up with a blood-curdling scream. This was after we moved our two daughters into one room and we took the other room upstairs next to them (we did this because our daughter was having trouble getting up to go the bathroom, she would always wet the bed). I ran into her room before I even realized what I was doing and ended up tripping over her bed. It had somehow moved to the middle of the room. I picked her up and brought her into my bedroom and she fell back asleep immediately. It was then that I thought it was really strange that no one else woke up to her screaming but left the matter until morning. I woke up around six a.m. and went to the bathroom when my daughter asked me to hurry up and come back upstairs. When I asked why she said," Because I don't like that lady staring at me." I panicked, went and grabbed her and brought her downstairs. I asked her why she woke up screaming. She said because you put walls up around my bed. I told her I didn't, she said that daddy put walls up then. I told her this wasn't true and she seemed to relax.

When I talked to my husband later that day I told him the story and said we were moving. I was not going to do this to my daughter anymore. Whatever was in her room that night was moving her bed around and obviously not allowing her to get off her bed. We moved after that but of course more things happened in the house before we were able to actually leave for good. My bed would shake, my alarm clock would go off one hour before it was set, and my bedroom lamp went on and off whenever it wanted, while I was laying in bed.

Since we've moved, my daughter has not been afraid of her room at all. She wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and she'll play by herself. Every once in a while, we'll drive by our old house and she'll say she remembers that house. She doesn't like it there. She doesn't remember why but she's glad we moved.

Tanya, Alberta, Canada
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