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This Old House

Brittany, WA, USA
July 2004

When my sister and I were both younger, we experienced such dreadful, bone chilling things in our house.

Our house was very creepy--you'd walk into it and get that long, icy cold chill down your spine and the knot in your stomach. It was about 47 years old when we moved into it. It was quit a fixer-upper, yet the only thing my parents could afford at the time. I was only about 7 and my sister 9. We both had to share a room since it was a small 3 bedroom house and my father needed the office space as the third bedroom.

One hot summer night, I was on the top bunk in my bedroom. I could hear my sister snoring soundly in the bed just a few feet below me. I shot upright for some reason. It was about 3:00 in the morning. (I could tell because of the alarm clock atop our dresser.) I didn't know why I woke up--it was very strange. But it only gets stranger. I smelt an awful, ghastly smell--like rot or death or something of the sort. I looked around my room. It was pitch black as usual, but unusually cold. I shivered and somehow, I couldn't lay back down. It was as if I were being forced up. Suddenly I could feel something take their hands off of me, like letting me lay back down so I did. I closed my eyes but immediately opened them back up when I felt something pressing against my chest. There were about two sessions of 5-pressings in a row. I hated it. When it was over with I sat up right and saw a huge flash of bright green light, then someone whisper in a deep, throaty voice: "They were shot in the chest.." After that I felt one last thump on my chest, this time SOOOO much harder than all of the others and then I felt as if a big sheet of ice was thrown over me.

Me being the wimpy little 7 year old girl that I was, I screamed for my mother. She came rushing in and told me my face was as white as a sheet and that I was dreadfully cold. She told me I must've had a bad dream, but I knew I had truly experienced it. The next day when I was getting ready for a bath, my mother looked at my chest and neck and screamed in horror. There were deep maroon- purple bruises all over my chest and neck in the shape of hand-prints. I asked her why she screamed but she cupped her hand over her mouth and grabbed me tightly. We moved out of the house at once.

These were not my only experiences of the house. About two months before that incident, on the night of my birthday, I was going into my bedroom to put on my new pair of pajamas. My sister was sleeping over at a friends house so I was going to sleep alone. When I got into bed, I saw a woman hovering over me. She was wearing a purple dress with a purple shawl over her head. Her eyes were knocked out (literally--out of her sockets) and there was a huge bloody hole in the middle of her chest. Her lips were moving but I couldn't hear anything. I was so scared, I covered my head with the blankets on my bed, and then popped back out. The lady was gone.

Now, I live in much, much better house with children of my own. But the thing that scares me the most is that I have dreams about that house--horrific dreams about the former people who lived there getting shot in the chest.

In my dream, a big beefy man with long black hair and beady little eyes the color of coal points to the lady I saw hovering over my bed one night and says 'they were shot in the chest'. He has the same voice that I heard the night that I was pounded in my chest...

Brittany, WA, USA
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