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Threatening Apparitions

Deborah Smith, UK
August 2003

A few months ago a man hung himself in a shed in some fields behind our house, as nothing like this had ever happened in our area before it was the subject of talk up until recently.

Soon after a group of my friends (we'll call them Amy, Steph and Loz) and I were sleeping at Loz's house (she owns the field and the shed in which it happened) and at about midnight we decided to start telling ghost stories. After we had told all we knew Loz mentioned that she had a Ouija board in the old shed (the one in which the suicide happened). As Amy and Steph were too afraid to go out there and get it Loz and I went.

As soon as we stepped out of the house we could feel something near us, thinking nothing of it we carried on walking. As soon as we got near to the shed the feeling seemed to increase dramatically and we started to get spooked, we decided that we might as well go inside and get the board and then run out again. We opened the door to the shed and as soon as it was fully open we felt a gush of wind against our chest as if something couldn't wait to get out or was trying to stop us from entering the shed.

By this time we were holding each others hands in fear but we pretended that we were joking. As soon as the feeling had gone, we let go of each other. We got the board and ran back to the house. Loz then remembered that she had forgotten her bible and planchette so she decided to go back out to the shed alone. She had only been gone about 2 minutes when we heard a scream and a crash as if someone had knocked something over. We hurried outside to see a strange misty man dressed in overalls and a baseball cap walking towards Loz who had tried to run away but had fallen over. By instinct Steph ran over and shouted at the man to get lost and that he was an old pervert and called him rude names and was swearing at him. He appeared to turn round and face us (Amy, Steph and I) and then he vanished.

Shaken by what we had seen we picked up Loz, the bible and the planchette and ran inside. We don't know for sure if the apparition we saw was the man who had committed suicide but we know for sure it was the ghost of someone who had died recently because Loz told us that his baseball cap had the new Leeds United logo on it.

We haven't been near that shed since and although we have used the Ouija board since, we haven't been able to contact the spirit that appeared that night.

Thanks for reading and sorry if its a bit long.

Deborah Smith, UK
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