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Three is A Crowd

Kevin, Wisconsin, USA
September 1999

Imust start out by saying I have always had ghost experiences ever since I can remember. I am now 21, in college, and still experiencing ghosts.

I will tell of the most recent of the house my parents had bought about two years ago.

My mother, a homemaker, has an unusual hobby. She buys old houses, fixes them up, and then sells them about a year or two later. Usually whenever my mother wants to purchase another house she will bring me along and see if I get any "vibes" from the house. The last house I was unable to accompany her on while she made the purchase, has now turned into a big mistake.

One week after my mother and father had moved into this already fabulous house, the fun had begun. I was up late for I felt very uneasy about what dwelled in the house, besides the physical. As I began to does off on the couch I heard a little girl's laughter. At first I brushed it off, not knowing if my new neighbors had any children. So I began to dose off once again. The laughter was in the downstairs hallway, and I was in the living room, where the hallway is visible. I adjusted my viewing position to where the laughter was located.. and I saw where the laughter was coming from. A little girl, with some sort of injury to her chin. She dissipated.

Two nights later I lay asleep in my new bedroom. As I just started to fall asleep I felt hands rubbing my hair. Scared, I sprung up and turned on a light. Nothing. So I went back to sleep. A few minuets later I felt hands kneading my bed, like a cat kneads a pillow before laying down. This got me. I went to sleep on my parents floor! Imagine a 19 year old sleeping by his parents bed!

Well, two years have gone by. Many things happen weekly. I have since learned their is an old woman living in the house. She does not like me one bit. She's the naughty ghost out of the three, and plays many not-so-funny pranks. Such as, on the night of my 21st I came staggering home after a night of fun with some friends. I walked through the back door and flipped on the switch. Bam, the light bulb burst. I ran into the kitchen and turned on the lights in there, and what do you know, the lights all went out me. So, here I am, 21, drunk, sitting on the floor yelling for mom and dad!

More recently, the old woman has pissed my mother off. I had just left for college. My mother was outside gardening and had come in to get a glass of water. As soon as she walked in she heard loud crashes coming from the kitchen. Here, many of her best dishes where smashed to bits on all over the kitchen. On top of all of the rubble sat her four best plates and red china cups, untouched. The shelf didn't let out, so what was it? My mother then looked down the hall and saw the old woman walking towards the steps with her head turned to my mother as if saying "Take that", then disappeared.

As I had mentioned their is also a little girl haunting the house. Her domain is the upstairs foyer, staircase, and the downstairs hall. Well she causes problems of her own, but much nicer in nature. She'll call out my name in the middle of the night, asking for my help. I think she had some sort of mishap with the steps, that is why she is around the stairs most of the time.

Anyway, as I was coming down the stairs one morning I noticed a carving on my mothers downstairs banister. Odd, I thought, It was never their before. I couldn't read it so my mother got a piece of paper and a pencil and we did a rub over. It read "Spirit who be put in hall like you all SAL".

The third ghost is an older man. He is harmless, pretty much. His domain is the basement and back hall. The only thing he ever does to me is send me really messed up dreams about the house.

There are so many other mishaps with this house. It proves interesting when ever I come home for a visit. One ghost I can usually handle. But three? It's just way to much company.

Kevin, Wisconsin, USA
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