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Three Story Terror

David, NC, USA
September 2005

This is a true story. It is not a fake tale to try to scare young children or entertain adults. Some may think this is not even scary at all, but being that I was six at the time, I was terrified and I still am.

The house I live in now with my father was built from 1997 to 1998. During the period that my father was building it strange things began to occur. He would work at night (9:00pm to 10:00pm) to try to finish up any projects that he had been working on. On many occasions he told me that he would see the house glow red from the inside. Being that it was late at night the sun would have already gone down and would not have been able to cast a red glow. I remember one night he came in the house shaking and pale. He told my mother and me that a demonic voice had called his name. He was terrified and called our neighbor to see if he had been playing a sick joke on him, but to our horror he was at work.

Well the house was finally finished and we moved in on October 31, 1998. The first year we lived there was uneventful and no strange phenomenons had occured. One night I was laying on the couch watching TV when I heard what sounded like a child's voice. It was in a foreign language so I couldn't understand what it was saying. I thought somebody was in the basement and was going to come and get me so I ran upstairs to where my parents were and told them about my experience. Both of them confessed to hearing the same thing. My dad thought he was going crazy but he felt a lot better once he knew that others were hearing the same thing. Well we had a long talk about it and decided that it was a ghost in our house.

One day my parents had company over and were having a nice little chat it the living room. The voice spoke out. Everybody in the room heard it but, not wanting to draw up any suspicion my mom said that it was just me playing in the basement. I was at my grandparents at the time.

We had a priest come and bless our house, every room on every floor and fortunately for us the priest heard it too.

For a while the voices stopped, but unfortunately they returned a short while after. My father discovered that my mom was having an affair and there was much controversy in the house when this was going on. After my parents got a divorce the voices were not heard again....

That changed about two years ago. My father and I are hearing that same voice again but the experience has worsened with me. I see faces...and people looking,staring at me. They watch me and mutter amongst themselves then laugh at me. I just watch in horror and pray that they will not harm me. Then they just....disappear. My father and I also hear dishes crashing but when we go to investigate there is nothing there. I see things, dark evil things lurking in dark corners. My father has seen some of these things but not as many as me. I carry a cross with me whereever I go in my house.

I am thirteen and believe deeply in the supernatural and the unexplained. Some people will say "oh, he is just seeing things and it is his imagination" but how do you explain others hearing it?

My house is Victorian style and is filled with many antiques. I have often wondered if any ghosts or demons have "stuck" to our furniture and are not willing to give it up. I guess I'll just have to see.

David, NC, USA
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