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Through The Hallway

Ash, MI, USA
July 2003

My Da and my step mom moved into the house they live in now a little over two years ago and its a nice little house not to old or anything. Anyway it was a couple months ago when my Da and step-mom rearranged their bedroom and I was staying the weekend there. Well that Sunday morning my step-mom told me that my Da had a dream the previous night that a woman had tried to kill us all. So I was like "Okay... thats nice" and then she commenced to tell me of the first night they'd stayed there how she woke up in the middle of the night and looked out into our hallway and she saw this woman staring at her from the hall. And I found this quite odd because for months I had been telling myself I was going mad. Because I kept thinking I was seeing things moving in the hall.

Let speed up to the present now. Saturday night I was pulling an all nighter because it was the day that "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" had come out and I had a bet with a friend that I would finish the 870 page book before she would. Anyway, I was busy reading and I just had a sudden urge to look up at the hallway, when I did I saw the face and the shoulders of a small woman leaning out of the side of the wall. She just kind of smiled at me and then went through the wall completely.

I'm not quite sure if it would being considered a spirit though. Mainly because most apparitions seem to be more like a hazy version of a person... or thats how its always seemed to me in movies and in other 'ghost stories.' She was more invisible like only I could see the outline of her. I could tell she was wearing some sort of vest and that she was an older woman. When I realized what I had just seen it felt like my stomach had leapt to meet my heart and my heart was in my throat... the kind of feeling you get when your falling really quickly. I kept looking back into the hall the rest of the night but she never re- appeared.

The next morning I told my step-mom about seeing the woman and she explained that she saw the same woman the first night in the house. Then she told me that my Da and herself were telling my step-moms mother about the appearances and she told us that she knew the woman who lived in the house before us.

She told us that the woman we described looked exactly like the woman who used to live there. She also told us that she was harmless woman who liked to read and liked kids but had gone a little mad in her old age, and that she hid money in the walls of the house from her husband. Well if thats true we're not sure because we haven't knocked down any walls as of yet. So we're pretty sure that the woman is the same one that lived there before us.

My step-mom's, mother told me she was probably smiling at me because she rarely saw children read. I wonder if she knew that it was Harry Potter that it would change? However, thats my story. I've always loved the paranormal so I'm glad to have finally had an experience of my own.

Ash, MI, USA
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