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Till We Were Ready

Amethyst, Philippines, Manila
April 2004

Hi, this happened to me when I was in second grade, a year after my Lola (grandmother) passed away.

We lived alone my father and I, and often when I woke up he would be out already for work. So at a young age I learned how to cook, do the laundry and other house chores to fend for myself.

Often, when I was staying with my cousins in the weekends, my Father would be left in the house and he would often forget to unplug the iron. He would be so worried so he would rush home and pray that there was no damage done, only to find the iron not just unplugged, but also safely put away in its place. That happened a lot. Every time my Father forgot to unplug or turn something off when he came home, it would be turned off, unplugged and put in its place.

I remember I had this favorite shirt that I loved wearing to school. It was white and had golden leaves adorning the upper shoulder halfway to your chest. I told myself that after it dries from the washing, I was going to iron it and wear it to school the next day (I distinctly remember it was a Wednesday). Unfortunately though, the lights went off that night, even when my shirt dried, I had to iron it because the fabric was wrinkly. It was almost eleven in the eve my Father was appointed to a province so I was left alone that night no lights, and a shirt I so badly wanted to wear for school. Accepting the fact that the lights won't turn on till early the next morning I hung my favorite wrinkled shirt inside my closet and thought I'd wear it next time. That was all and I retired for the night.

About six a.m, I woke up to get ready for school surprise, surprise the lights were still out but the morning light was seeping through my window and I saw something draped on my chair. As I picked it up it surprised me to see it was my favorite shirt! The one with the golden leaves and such, what was puzzling was it was ironed! Not a crease, not a wrinkle was on it! I didn't know how to explain it. I was going to be late for school if I thought too much so I got ready and happily wore my favorite clean wrinkle free shirt with the golden leaves.

In school, I thought about it. I know I put the shirt in the closet before I slept because I couldn't wear it for it was too wrinkled. I thought maybe I sleep walked and ironed it but then how? The lights were still out when I woke up. So how come it wasn't wrinkled? Who ironed it? Who put it on my chair so as I would see it?

One thought came to mind: My Lola, strange but I knew it was her. Spiritually she was still taking care of us. She always took care of my father and I, her death was too sudden for us and I believe that she stayed with us for a considerable time till she was sure we would be all right by ourselves.

Again, I love you Lola, wish you were here now so I could take care of you.

Amethyst, Philippines, Manila
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