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Time Slips

Lyn, SA, Australia
September 1999

I don't know if this could be classed as a 'proper' ghost story but it is strange and creepy nonetheless.

A couple of years ago, I lived in a small outback town which was built in 1947. The streets were all exactly the same as the original town, as were most of the buildings apart from a few upgrades. Anyway, I was driving toward the main intersection of the town, when suddenly I felt a change in the air.

It wasn't the classic colder feeling, but a change, like a shift in atmosphere. The air felt denser somehow. As I slowed at the intersection, I seemed to be suddenly transported back in time to approximately 1950. The road was dirt, the trees were gone, and coming toward me to cross the intersection was an old black car, something like a Vanguard or old FJ Holden.

As the car passed through the intersection, the driver was looking back at me in total astonishment before he accelerated. From what I could see he, was dressed in similar 1950s fashion, complete with hat.

This whole episode lasted perhaps 20 seconds and was repeated at least 5 times during my time there, always at the exact spot. I tried to make out the registration plate number but the car was covered in dust.

I often wonder if there is someone out there still living who remembers seeing a strange sight at the intersection back in the 50s....of a futuristic motor vehicle with a bug-eyed woman at the wheel.

Lyn, SA, Australia
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